Devs Tease Goku As Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl DLC

by in Fighting Game News | Oct, 14th 2021

Thanks to an interview with the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl devs by Hungrybox, we were teased by the possibility of Goku! After all, Dragon Ball Z: Kai did air on Nicktoons – even if it was weirdly censored. It was in fact, censored a lot. That having been said, so many people begged for Goku in Smash, but it never happened. This came directly from one of the developers, Thaddeus Crews during an interview. Has the time come? Will Goku be seen in a fighting game that isn’t a DBZ title? Here’s what we know!

“Hey, It’s Me, Goku!” – Goku, DBZ Kai:

Sure, Goku never made it into Smash. Instead, our last character was Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and that’s fine. But what about Goku? The notion that Spongebob could duke it out with Goku is something right out of the classic MUGEN battles. However, one of the best Smash Melee players, Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma spoke to one of the Smash devs and we learned something absolutely fascinating

One of the topics was “third-party characters” joining Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, like Goku. Not all products aired on Nick channels are created by the cartoon giant, after all. The question came from one of the viewers, pointing out that “Goku is not owned by Nickelodeon, but Goku has made an appearance through Nickelodeon.”

They’re spot on, and it’s certainly a question worth asking. Thaddeus Crews, one of the All-Star Brawl devs said that this was originally not something they considered. He said that “at least initially, this was not something we at all considered or thought about as being even remotely on the table.” Okay, that’s a pretty interesting response.

There will be DLC fighters for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, so could we see Goku as one of them? Crews begin to say, “As far as it pertains to DLC,” and then make a zipped lips symbol across his mouth. This doesn’t confirm anything, but it definitely gets people talking. Now, the data mining hasn’t revealed Goku, but if the talks are still ongoing (if going at all), it wouldn’t be in datamining scoops yet. Perhaps. 


The dev said “I’m willing to play off it a bit,” but we have to point at a stickied post in the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Discord:

Some of y’all are seriously overthinking the 3rd party part of the Q&A. Like everything DLC, I simply cannot comment, and people reading into it SUPER hard reminds me of the worst parts of Smash speculation.

Is it possible? Of course. Is it guaranteed? Absolutely not. Would it be awesome? Yes. Would it get me to pick the game up? You bet it would. I absolutely love DBZ and would 100% pick up the game to play Goku.


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