Devs Confirm Valorant 5 Stack Queues are On the Way

by in Valorant | Apr, 20th 2021

One of the worst things about Valorant right now is a lack of 5 stack in Ranked Queues. The inability to play with a full squad, and winding up with someone that doesn’t belong at that rank/someone who throws a match out of spite, that’s very much a reality. Back in January, Riot changed matchmaking so Immortal and Radiant players could only have a premade of two players, and that also moved to Diamond 3. It’s resulted in a very poor ranked experience for pros and regular players alike. 

Is this going to change? At the very least, it’s being looked into, and we’re glad for that.

Enough is Enough, It’s Time For A Change:

There’s a lot of room for improvement in the higher-tier of Valorant ranked. I don’t think anyone is asking for 5 stack queues in Valorant in all areas of the game. In the higher tiers though, the ability to get games ruined by hackers, trolls, stream snipers, or people who simply don’t belong (Diamonds in Radiant for example) are just making things impossible to enjoy. 

In particular, TenZ has spoken about the problems in a lengthy Twitter thread:

Really think adding some form of FPL or Pro 10 man hub would be super beneficial to the top players who don’t want to touch ranked. I know for a fact that the Pro players that do play ranked only play it because of their streams.

TenZ went on to point out that most pros play ranked for their streams, and players’ lack of communication in ranked is a serious negative. It would also be a benefit to players who want to learn how to play. If players could 5 stack in queues for Valorant, pros could show how important communication is, and it would be a net positive. 

However, it would be frustrating for regular players to come against a 5 stack of pros in Valorant, that’s for sure. TSM Hazed said while he doesn’t think anything necessarily needs to be done or changed, he appreciates the devs considering it. This is because he doesn’t know if there is a solution to the problem. RiotEvrMoar responded on Twitter with an interesting thought:

My statement on this topic is “We are currently looking into ways 5 stacks can play together competitively” – This isn’t exactly what TenZ was asking about but I think it will help this space a bit! We are thinking of how to solve these issues.

Big system changes like this takes time, but at least the devs are looking at ways to make 5 stacks happen in Valorant queues, perhaps without dampening the rest of the ranked scene. To see something like this come to life would make the lives of high-rank players better without a doubt. Sure, hackers could still show up on enemy teams, but they’d get fewer trolls harassing them and ruining matches by dying immediately to make it harder for the pro to win. 

Sadly, we don’t have any idea on what is in store for ranked queues in Valorant, but at least they’re looking at it. Valorant is still a very hot game and growing fast. If the ranked scene doesn’t improve, it could certainly hurt people looking to stream or actively play in ranked. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled to see what happens.


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