Dev1ce Rages During Tournament and Breaks a Monitor

by in CS:GO | Sep, 3rd 2021

On September 2nd, NiP took on Entropiq in CSGO, and in a moment of fury, dev1ce breaks a monitor mid-tournament. One of the worst feelings is being in the lead and having that torn out of your hands in a closing moment, and that’s what was going down. It may not be the most impactful destruction of property we’ve seen in an angry esports moment, but we certainly see why dev1ce breaks the monitor here. He was looking like a superstar, but Entropiq ruined his whole day by turning the tables on what felt like a sure lock for a win.

Four Score and One Defused Bomb Ago:

Entropiq was trailing, 13-10, and Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz dropped four players and was absolutely on top of the world. He was demolishing Entropiq in a situation where they were in a real position of power. The 3v5 was going to happen! Then in a heated moment, Entropiq’s Krad drops dev1ce, winning the map. Dev1ce did not take it well and this leads to the clip where he breaks the monitor. It was even caught in the stream.

Dev1ce was patted on the shoulder for his effort, and let’s not take anything away from him – it was an amazing play. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, and Krad proved that one kill can be far more impactful than four. In a bit of frustration, a single jab was dropped into the monitor and you can see it start to distort and flicker in this clip. The commentators point out after they cut away that they have to take a break as the monitor was completely broken. 

In the end, dev1ce and Ninjas in Pyjamas won the day against Entropiq, but it was certainly a shocking display of aggression on dev1ce’s part. What happened to the monitor? We can’t say! It could make a great souvenir or auction piece. CSGO is a very intense game after all, and a moment that would have been incredibly clutch being ultimately denied was so disappointing. We can’t really blame that kind of anger. It could have also been way worse. 


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