Destiny’s Gjallarhorn Nerfed in Real Life for Bungie’s 30th Anniversary

by in General | Dec, 9th 2021

Destiny has been a game that has stood the test of time. Being the second IP that Bungie has seen commercial success with. The game has found itself one of this decade’s biggest MMO-styled FPS games. Starting on the Xbox 360 generation, both Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 have surmounted the odds for sci-fi FPS games, and players have found themselves dedicating a lot of their time to slaying enemies and completing raids with their clans. 

However, with Bungie now reaching its 30th anniversary, they’ve been planning something special for Destiny fans. The anniversary bundle includes a new dungeon for players to explore and rewards. However, one of the major items returning to the game is the legendary Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. 

The Legacy of the Gjallarhorn

For those who aren’t familiar with the world of Destiny, the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher is a legendary exotic launcher from the first Destiny game. Known as one of the most overpowered weapons in the game, the Gjallarhorn became the go-to weapon for higher-level missions.

This came to the point when players looking for games would post “Gjallarhorn Required” and were willing to kick anyone who didn’t have the weapon when they joined the lobby. The rocket launcher shot tracking cluster missiles called “Wolfpack Rounds,” giving players a surprising amount of damage. 

The weapons were only available in Destiny and never found their way into Destiny 2. That is until now. In the 30th anniversary pack for Destiny 2, players can unlock the Gjallarhorn once more, which remains faithful to the original version. However, it comes with one more special perk: the ability to give all players wolfpack rounds, turning all rocket launchers in a team into pseudo-Gjallarhorns. However, for those who are extremely into Destiny, there’s another Gjallarhorn that players can get: the nerf version. 

Gjallarhorn Nerfed

The Gjallarhorn is made into a nerf blaster that players can use in real life. However, this nerf blaster isn’t a blaster meant for children. This collaboration between Bungie and Hasbro is meant for fans of the game. The requirements to secure a preorder on the blaster shows as much. It will go for a whopping $160, and the price fits a blaster of this caliber.

The blaster is currently mentioned to be four feet in length and will be created to look like the model in the game, with little to no compromise. The gun will be made on a 1:1 scale, which means that this isn’t a scaled-down weapon like the other nerf blasters on the market. The blaster will also come with nine mega nerf darts, one of the larger sizes of darts made by the company, and much like the original wolfpack rounds in the game, the nerf Gjallarhorn will shoot them out of shells made for the weapon. 

The page also claims that the rocket launcher will reload just like in the game, so players who have familiarly with the gun already will be able to shoot the gun with ease. On top of this, the gun will also come with illuminated sights and accurate detail to the model. Special limited-edition packaging and a certificate of authenticity from Bungie and Hasbro are included, certifying that this weapon is the real deal. 

There are two ways to preorder the weapon for those who want to preorder the nerf version of Destiny’s most OP rocket launcher. Players who obtain the Gjallarhorn in-game before August 1 can sign up to be notified when early-access preorders go live. Those who worked for the Gjallarhorn can reap the rewards in real life, as well as in-game. After the early access preorders are complete, in late 2022, the preorders for the weapon will go live for the public. However, there’s a very good chance that these weapons will go fast, especially because scalpers have been taking over the console industry. Having players pick it up before the scalpers do seems like a great way to make sure that the real fans who will cherish their Gjallarhorns get them first and foremost.

This wouldn’t be the first time a nerf has been done to produce blasters based on their in-game weapons, either. Microsoft turned their Halo Assault Rifle into a nerf blaster, same with Epic Games with their line of Fortnite weapons.

With players itching to get the weapon into their hands, there’s not a better time than now for the perfect addition to any Density fans IRL Arsenal. On top of the weapon being full scale, it’s also perfect for a cosplay of a Destiny guardian. With the orange on the weapon, it’ll fit all guidelines for conventions when the season rolls around once more. 


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