Destiny Banned on Twitch After Reportedly Sharing Data Leak Information

by in Entertainment | Oct, 8th 2021

Steven “Destiny” Bonnel has been banned again on Twitch, this time for something regarding the recent data leak. This is the fourth total ban, and the report of it came from Redditors who were watching VODs of Destiny’s. It turns out, Destiny was likely banned for reading something within the Twitch data leak. There are plenty of people with theories, but this one sounds most likely. Whether it’s him reading someone’s email out, or him talking about the “do not ban” list, it will be interesting to see if we find out the proper reason for Destiny’s Twitch ban.

“Do Not Ban List?” Or Sharing Personal Information

During a recent livestream, Destiny talked about the “Do Not Ban” list. Certain streamers, the example he gave was Ricegum, is on a do not ban list. Instead of moderating them, the move is to escalate any problems to certain people in Twitch. He also listed someone’s email in the actual clip. Now, this doesn’t mean that person is going to get flooded with annoying, perhaps even threatening emails from Twitch users, but Destiny does have a huge following.

It’s still an email address of a Twitch employee, and not one that’s available for public scrutiny, or used for casual purposes, as far as we’re aware. Destiny went on Twitter and asked about this in a Tweet. He asked if corporate emails that go “[email protected]” are really considered private information. Considering how Twitch feels about this data leak, it’s probably smarter to not discuss it in general – at least not on the air. Whether or not corporate emails are public knowledge or not, it’s up to Twitch to decide how they feel about it.

Now, this could not be the reason at all. He could have said or done something else that ultimately got Destiny banned. As of this writing though, Destiny is still banned on Twitch. If this winds up being the reason, he’ll be the first person who got banned, most likely, for bringing up the leaked Twitch data on their stream. Sure, other streamers have definitely talked about it, but most people do not likely read out actual people’s emails on the stream.


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