Numbers Behind Destiny 2 Transmog System Cause Outrage

by in General | May, 13th 2021

It took a year, but the Destiny 2 Transmog System is here, but it didn’t make the splash the devs were hoping for. Instead, it’s causing uproar and fury across the Destiny 2 fanbase. Armor Synthesis sounds like a really cool idea, but then the grind has since been revealed. We’ve been waiting for a Transmog system since Destiny 2 was a buy-to-play game, that’s how long we’ve been waiting. But what we got is an absolute sham. Sure, you can change your styles, but it comes with limitations and grinding. How bad is the restriction? 10 pieces of armor per character per season. You have to plan far ahead to not waste your Transmogs. But what if I told you it gets worse somehow? How does the Destiny 2 Transmog System get worse? That’s what we’re here to tell you!

You Will Likely Never 100% The Destiny 2 Transmog System

Destiny 2 decided to take zero inspiration from other games with Transmog systems. World of Warcraft just requires you to own the piece of gear, and cough up some gold. Final Fantasy XIV requires owning an item that lets you cast a Glamour for a piece of gear in your collection. They’re dirt cheap and it’s easy to stock up on them. There’s no limit to the amount of times you can do it in either game. Destiny 2 earned nothing but contempt for this new system.

To use Destiny 2’s Transmog system, you need 150 Synthstrand. You can get 1 Synthstrand every 2 minutes while in combat. The math for this was revealed by Redditor i3igB, except the Synsthrand reveal. Redditor alonie-homie revealed that it’s not kills, but time to get Synthstrands. You need 150 of these to purchase a bounty. That equals about five hours for one bounty and that’s provided you’re being optimal with everything you do.

A Redditor, Ghave, summed up the complaints pretty succinctly:

“I’m genuinely floored that any dev isn’t full-on WoW-level of Transmog. We already buy the expansions and Seasons, you’re gonna fleece on fashion, too? I put insane amounts of time into farming old content on WoW for mogs, it wasn’t like my engagement fell off, because I enjoyed that “grind”. Pro-Tip Bungo: you can keep your players engaged in all of the content if you make it fun to do so, not the only way to engage with a potentially huuugely popular aspect of a players experience.”

Can you imagine not spending enough time on Transmogs you want, then the season ends? It feels genuinely stifling like all that time was wasted. Turning a game into a second job to do something that should be fun is what drove this writer away from several games, including WoW. Fortunately, if Bungie is wise, this system will change before the Season ends (if not sooner). That is unless it goes exactly how they want: people stay, they grind, and they spend money. Hopefully, though, it changes. The way the system is now, to call it “Unpopular” is an understatement.


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