Destiny 2 Leak Reveals PvP Anti-cheat Improvement Coming Soon

by in General | Aug, 19th 2021

When PVP games go free-to-play, one thing seems consistent: we need good anti-cheat, even in Destiny 2. Just look at the free-to-play hit Warzone! We can’t stop talking about cheaters in that game. Bungie might claim that Destiny 2 has anti-cheat for its PVP, not too many people seem to believe it. Or if it does exist, it’s not exceptional. There’s a reason when a few of us here at Esports Talk play Destiny 2, more often than not we look at consoles. However, a few leaked support pages reveal we could be seeing actual anti-cheat coming to Destiny 2’s PVP in the form of BattlEye. 

Is BattlEye Coming to Destiny 2?

BattlEye is an anti-cheat many players are already familiar with. It’s in games like Fortnite, Bless Online, and Escape from Tarkov. Are there still cheaters in these games? Of course, there are. Even with that, it’s no doubt going to be a step up from the current anti-cheat – which appears to be almost nothing. Cheaters feel almost as bad in Destiny 2’s endgame PVP as in Warzone, so anti-cheat of any kind will be a blessing.

According to the leak, these were supposed to drop in update 3.2.0:

From Destiny 2 update 3.2.0, BattlEye will be included as Destiny 2’s anti-cheat protection. Bans are manually assessed and applied during the first few weeks. After the soft launch, the system will automatically apply locks. To play Destiny 2, BattlEye will be installed automatically when Destiny 2 receives an update. It will automatically be active on a player’s computer when Destiny 2 is running. Players must agree to have BattlEye installed in order to play Destiny 2.

The problem here is that was back in May. Now, technically, this is a leak and it wasn’t supposed to be distributed. That could mean the update was pushed back for a variety of reasons. You won’t be able to just uninstall BattlEye either, once you agree to install it. Though this leaked page is locked down and can’t be viewed, we’ve seen that Bungie has openly confirmed it. According to Bungie, BattlEye will soft launch in the next season, and they’ll reveal more on August 24th.

So it’s certainly true that Bungie is adding a new PVP anti-cheat to Destiny 2. Is this Bungie admitting what they had wasn’t working – or wasn’t there at all? Or just upgrading? We will just have to see. This writer personally knows any number of people quite excited to see actual Anti-cheat in the game. Will people get around it? Without a doubt. A cursory Google search showed us that. But it’s a start, and that counts for something. 


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