Destiny 2 Crossplay Details and Limits Discussed

by in General | Jul, 30th 2021

It’s very exciting to see that Destiny 2 will finally be getting crossplay, so we had to check out the details. On Thursday afternoon, Bungie dropped a blog outlining this exact thing as well. Sadly, we don’t have an exact date on when the crossplay will start, but according to the details in the Destiny 2 blog, it may be soon. It will launch in “early” Season 15, which is slated for next month. You’ll also have an account name across all platforms, so your friends can easily find and locate you. Pick wisely, though. You can’t rename for a while yet. It will also have a system to try and prevent offensive names, so be aware.

There Are Some Limitations

Alright, let’s get into the Destiny 2 crossplay details! As far as grouping goes, PVE will have a “global matchmaking pool,” so that’s awesome. You can play with anyone across any platform. For competitive gameplay, it’s a little different. PC players will match with other PC players, and Console players will match with console players and Stadia players. In addition, Fireteams that have a mix of PC and console will match with other PC players.

This could change somewhere down the line, but right now, that’s what we can expect. Bungie also talked about how you will add your friends. 

There are three ways to add friends to this system. Log into Destiny 2 on a device where you want to turn platform friends into Bungie Friends, and then issue requests via our Roster screen. Search for your friends using a player search on the Invite screen. Use friends finder, where you can link all of your platforms and then issue Bungie Friends requests to all your platform friends. 

With crossplay in Destiny 2, there will be a friend finder on the website, which you will find at this link. There will also be a Fireteam Finder, which can issue invites to all platforms, which will certainly be useful for crossplay. However, there is going to be one more very important limit at launch: voice chat. At first, Bungie was going to delay crossplay to wait for voice chat but chose not to. 

The reason is: “We have run into some late-breaking issues with development and are currently working on making sure this experience is ready before shipping it live.”

Voice chat will be arriving “shortly after crossplay goes live,” and at least it’s coming hopefully soon. Text chat will still be available on Steam as well. From launch through The Witch Queen, they will add text chat support across the consoles as well. Bungie said they’ll start by displaying text, so console players can see what their PC friends are talking about, and then USB keyboard support will be added. It’s important to note that keyboard support will not move your character. It’s only for communication. There’s always Discord, though.

The announcement was an exciting one, and we have a few people here at Esports Talk that play Destiny 2 on different platforms. Finally, we can team up and fight evil across the stars! We’re very glad to see this come to life finally.


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