Despite Smash Tourney Appeal, Twitch Ban Means Nairo Can’t Compete

by in Fighting Game News | Apr, 5th 2021

Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada, recently redeemed Smash Ultimate pro, has announced that he will return to streaming, but it won’t be on Twitch. His channel, which he began more than seven years ago, remains banned despite evidence and confessions from his accusers that the claims made by CaptainZack were falsified.

Nairo’s Twitch Ban Is a Loss for Smash Fans

As a result of this, not only with Nairo be streaming on YouTube beginning later this week, but he will also be unable to return to competition. Several tournament organizers, including 2GG, Collision, and the Smash Global Ban Database, have all cleared Nairo for competition.

While this decision does read as a noble one, tournaments could find ways around it, such as not displaying Nairo’s matches. However, should Nairo make top 8, that could lead to an awkward situation where some matches in the tournament’s final run, and even potentially the Grand Finals, might not be streamed. Ultimately, that would cause more issues for the tournament organizer than not, even if they could eventually show these matches on YouTube after the event’s conclusion.

Twitch Bans vs Esports – Should Twitch Do More?

As Collision noted, this is mostly a logistical issue, one that Twitch should step up to solve, especially in light of the circumstances. However, the Amazon owned streaming giant has not traditionally been quick to reverse bans, especially those made for a moral reason – they tend to assess all the facts and act more quickly to ban than to reverse, for fear of backlash should they get the issue wrong, presumably.

Twitch’s history with such issues has been a troubled one – events that were set to feature Dr. Disrespect, for instance, were forced to remove him from their roster if they wanted to stream on Twitch at all. Smash events could face a similar fate should they even remotely feature Nairo. And this doesn’t stop at competitive streams either. Nairo noted in his video that he can’t even play with other Twitch streamers, fo fear of appearing on their channels and having them face the consequences. This means that when new characters come out, Nairo has to wait for his opponents to stop streaming and go offline before appearing on his stream on YouTube.

Twitch does not comment on disciplinary bans as a rule, though Esports Talk has reached out to the streaming company for comment regardless.


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