Deficio Becomes Director of Misfits Gaming Europe

by in League of Legends | Oct, 14th 2020

Long-time LEC caster and former Origen general manager Martin “Deficio” Lynge has now joined Misfits Gaming as the director of Misfits Gaming Europe. This move, in short, came out of the blue. The fact that Astralis decided to ditch the Origen branding and start anew meant they were looking to cut ties with everything and everyone who couldn’t deliver over the last two years ever since franchising kicked in. Deficio, as the general manager, definitely failed to leave much of a mark, although his effectiveness and overall impact are hard to gauge from an outsider’s perspective.

Still, Origen imploded in more ways than one, and starting 2021 with a clean slate was definitely for the best. Most fans, however, expected Deficio to make a return to the LEC broadcast team. His charm and in-depth knowledge of the game and its many layers and intricacies made him a favorite among fans worldwide, but it seems as though Deficio had other plans with Misfits Gaming.

New Beginnings

Going forward, he’ll oversee all Misfits Gaming activities in Europe. In an official statement, this long-standing LEC org explained Deficio’s responsibilities in greater detail.

“He will be responsible for the strategic growth and development of the League of Legends department as well as identifying future opportunities for the EU team. Martin is a veteran in esports, and he will bring an immense wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.”

Generally speaking, he’s as experienced a leader as they come. Deficio brings a unique set of skills and virtues that would empower nearly any team in the region, regardless of its stature or experience. That said, moving from one “sinking ship to another” (i.e., from Origen to Misfits Gaming) doesn’t create a lot of hype. Now sure, Misfits didn’t look half bad in 2020, but they still failed to deliver. A couple of flashes of brilliance aside, this team didn’t have enough “oomph” to compete at the highest levels. Regardless, their potential was evident, and we’d love to see them further prosper and evolve under Deficio’s guidance.

If things pan out as expected, we should be in for one heck of an off-season. Expect a ton of new LEC roster changes once Worlds concludes.


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