Dead By Daylight Devs Respond to NFT Backlash

by in General | Oct, 20th 2021

Dead By Daylight announced an NFT collection featuring the game’s Pinhead model, and many fans are certainly upset about it. The big topic of discussion around NFTs is the environmental impact that is made by creating these Non-Fungible Tokens, not to mention a host of scams that exist around them. Behaviour worked with Boss Protocol to begin the “Masters of Horror” collection and will be adapting the in-game models for use in NFTs, prior to the release of Pinhead in the game itself. Many fans are outraged about this decision, and the Dead by Daylight devs have spoken up about the backlash to the NFTs.

The NFT Collection

One of the reasons people are surely upset is that some of the NFTs will gain access to in-game Hellraise content for Dead by Daylight on PC. Not all of them will though. So if you’re one of the 10,000 people that own one of these NFTs, not everyone will get an in-game costume for their money. Others are upset that Dead by Daylight did not disclose that an NFT would be a part of this collection of content, and would not have bought it had they known. For many it’s far too late to ask for a refund anyway.

As one Twitter user put it:

“I bought the DLC from steam and it’s too late to refund. I’m contributing to harming the environment with NFTs against my will. What the f**k BHVR.”


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