David Beckham Shows Off FIFA 21 Card, Gasses Up Guild Esports

by in Sports Games | Feb, 25th 2021

Guild Esports, co-owned by David Beckham, is a big name in both football and FIFA 21. If you have David Beckham on call, why wouldn’t you do something like this? In a recent Twitter post by Guild Esports, David Beckham watches some plays made by the squad using his FIFA 21 card. Honestly? This is a wholesome and very interesting watch.

Bend It Like Beckham

This is an incredible, smart use of branding as big as David Beckham, with some quality FIFA 21 content. It’s not just Beckham watching some FIFA 21 gameplay. He’s Inter Miami CF Arena, watching FIFA 21 on a huge screen. That’s about the best way to watch esports that isn’t live. In this video, we see pro FIFA player Niklas and Guild Esports content creator TN25 showing off some incredible plays in FIFA 21, scoring goals as David Beckham himself.

David Beckham’s a good talker, too, chatting up how good the Guild Esports players are at FIFA. Even if he doesn’t think he could land those shots, he still hypes them up. “My boys are being too kind to me,” he remarks, watching incredible goal after goal land. “He definitely looks quicker than me,” Beckham said while watching himself run down the field. “I would put it in the top corner, I must admit.”  

This could become an exciting video series if Beckham and Guild Esports wanted to, focused on FIFA 21. They could get other big-name footballers to come in and review/chat about in-game plays like this, using their cards. It could mean huge exposure on social media, putting even more eyes on Guild Esports than before. 

I love this idea, and it was a pretty entertaining, wholesome way to gas up your players and show off exactly what they can do in FIFA 21. Guild Esports looks like they have some quality FIFA pros and content creators on board. We can’t wait to see what they bring to 2021’s competitive scene.


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