Dashy and Clayster Get Heated During OpTic Chicago CDL Ranking for 2020

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 12th 2021

Player ranking videos can often be very entertaining. It could be done in a manner where everyone has a good laugh and takes the wind out of each other’s sails. Some people don’t take this sort of thing well. On Jan. 11, OpTic Chicago made a ranking video for CDL players, 2020 and before. So even long-since retired players are here on the list. However, this led to some serious beef between Clayster and Dashy, after Dashy felt Clayster was a pretty low-tier player overall. It could have been done to make things funny, but it sure didn’t go that way.

Players React to CDL Rankings

As tradition dictates, this Tier list went from S tier to D, with the 2020 CDL players and a few veterans being ranked by OpTic Chicago. Quite a few of these players are still active, like the 2020 world champ Clayster himself. Despite being a world champ, Dashy didn’t regard him as a skilled player. The rest of OpTic Chicago listed Clayster as an A-rank player, but Dashy? “You guys think he’s S? If we’re playing against him? C.”

Ouch. That would be a pretty nuclear burn, even if Dashy said very little. After some discussion, during the OpTic Chicago CDL Ranking 2020 video, Dashy eventually bumped it up to a “B”, but he didn’t sound convinced. Naturally, something like this gets around, and Clayster saw the video. What was his reaction? An angry one, naturally: “Yo Dashy, the f*** is up with the C tier bro?” He asked on Twitter. “Didn’t I body your s*** the past two years straight?”

Now, this could all be work. We need drama in our esports after all—preferably drama without awful accusations and actions. A “work” is a term for something fake, designed to drum up chatter and discussion. I say this is possibly a work because Dashy posted a picture in the thread that says: “Just stirring the pot for impressions btw LMFAO”

A few others weighed in. For example, Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris of the Royal Ravens said, “No way Clay is scared of you.” Sure, 2020 was not a good year for Dashy, but he’s still a skilled player. We’re very curious if this is real beef or if they’re trying to work Twitter to get reactions and memes going. The thread Clayster’s reaction to the news was pretty entertaining all around. We’ll say that much. We’ll be keeping our eyes glued to these two as 2021 rolls around to see who is the better player and if the heat between these two is real.


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