Das Race Goal Premiering on Twitch: Here’s What You Need to Know

by in Sports Games | Dec, 7th 2021

LVL, a leading esports and gaming content brand, are presenting us with a unique combination of soccer, racing, and esports! Das Race Goal is the name of their newest project. It is set to start next Sunday at 10am PST / 7pm CEST, and promises quite the show.

The event is going to be broadcast live on Twitch and will feature a handful of esports celebrities and professional esports athletes.

Das Race Goal | Key Info

  • Das Race Goal is going to be live on Twitch on December 12 10AM PST, bringing forth unique esports action in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). In fact, the event will be hosted by Monica Ferro, Chief of the Geneva Office at UNFPA.
  • That’s not where the collaboration with UNFPOA ends. There will be six participating teams in total, each with three players – one esports celebrity, one professional esports athlete, and a young gamer involved in UNFPA initiative.
  • Das Race Goal will take place in a real soccer stadium at BMW Welt in Munich, Germany. BMW is one of the leading supporters of this event, alongside the likes of Icon Group, and The Mic Sessions.
  • Even though this event will be rather competitive, the main goal is to raise awareness and funds to support young people across the world and help them get the support they require.

We’ve seen in the past how much the global gaming community can achieve when we work together. Combining a unique entertaining real-life video game with an amazing cause is something that truly excites us and will definitely resonate with the gaming community. Plenty of memes and plenty of money for a good cause with the best esports teams joining in for the fun at an incredible venue that is BMW Welt— this is without a doubt the best form of entertainment on Twitch,” commented Dorian Gorr, Managing Director of Veritas.

Esports x Soccer x Racing | Proven Combo

This is not the first time LVL ventures into virtual gaming waters. Last year, they brought forth the first-ever Das Race event. This time around, we’re looking at a similar project, though with a different setup, format, and goals.

Cutting-edge technology is at the frontline once again, with custom-built remote-control cars. We’re not talking about your everyday RC cars here, though. These bad boys will be controlled via the internet, and allow players from Latin America and the Caribbean to control their cars, score goals, and collect all sorts of power-ups.

Here are the prominent esports industry figures that will be attending Das Race Goal next Sunday:

  • Cloud9 Macaiyla
  • Fnatic Loeya
  • G2 Cailee
  • OG n0tail

For more information about Das Race Goal, please visit the official website.


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