DarksydePhil Gets Banned From Twitch for the Fourth Time in 2020 Over False DMCA Claim

by in Entertainment | Oct, 6th 2020

Let’s be honest with ourselves: DarksydePhil isn’t a saint. After yesterday’s ban, it marked his fourth total ban on the Twitch platform, and the second this year alone. He’s a controversial figure for sure, but at least this time it wasn’t his fault. DarksydePhil’s most recent ban on Twitch in 2020 was due to a false DMCA claim, according to the streamer. Sounds like he’s back on again for his Fire Emblem: Three Houses series of streams. What led to this ban?

A History of Bad Behavior and a False Flag

On Oct. 5, DarksydePhil found out about his Twitch ban due to a DMCA Takedown request. This was reportedly from him playing the Crash 4 beta, which doesn’t make sense. The beta for Crash 4 was several weeks ago by this point. He also points out that he wasn’t even playing on stream, so this wasn’t possible. However, this is all from DarksydePhil’s perspective, so this may not even be the real reason. That’s speculation, however.

All we have is his side: “I have just received a false DMCA takedown against my Crash 4 stream for ‘the Crash 4 beta’. Not even the same [game] I’m playing on the stream! The automated bulls**t of @twitch @twitchsupport continues.”

We haven’t heard of this happening to another streamer, so it’s a very curious situation. DarksydePhil then had to send a counter-notification to fight off the ban. Four hours later, DarksydePhil was back and unbanned on Twitch. Given how quickly Twitch responded, it could have very well been a legitimate false DMCA claim.

The response from his critics was one of joy; it sounds like. Why would anyone take pleasure in someone being banned from Twitch? Well, DarksydePhil’s history of racist, insensitive remarks on stream isn’t exactly a private matter. DarksydePhil has gone on record to discuss why “racist jokes are OK,” and that was only a month ago.

DSP’s pretty well-known for insensitive, ill-informed commentary like: “It’s funny to joke around and say things that, in a serious setting, might be racially insensitive, but they’re not really meant, and therefore, they can be pretty comedic.”

It isn’t his first ban of the year. The previous ban was more than likely something racist or insensitive he said previously, which wouldn’t be a surprise (though Twitch hasn’t spoken up about it). He calls them jokes, but we hesitate to call them that (because they aren’t). So, while DarksydePhil briefly caught a ban here in 2020, he seems to be back now.

It doesn’t seem like DarksydePhil plans on halting his unique form of commentary on stream, either. Perhaps he should, to avoid further bans for his actions and words in the future. Unlike other streamers who apologize for racist remarks, it doesn’t seem like DSP has any remorse, as they’re “just jokes.”

Where do you stand? A fan, he’s harmless, or something else? Have you seen someone else suffer an unjust DMCA ban? We’d love to hear about it!


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