Dallas Empire Sign Felo as Substitute Player for the 2021 Season

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 20th 2021

It looks like the roster changes for the Call of Duty League 2021 season is not over just yet as yet another one of the 12 main teams has announced that it is signing a new player. This time, the Dallas Empire signed Tyler “Felo” Johnson as the next star to join the team. 

Dallas Empire Sign Felo as the Only Sub

The current world champions of the Call of Duty League are the Dallas Empire. They are not holding back in making sure that they are ready for the upcoming 2021 season that is just about to get started. The champions have announced the fifth addition to their team.

Thus far, the world champions have been the tamest in roster changes, and likely for good reason, but that will shift with Felo’s signing to the Dallas Empire. Felo is the latest member of the world champion team and the honor.

We’ve known about the four starting players for a long time now, but this is the first acquisition that the Dallas Empire has made in preparation for the upcoming 2021 season. This likely tells us that they believe in the sole player that they have added to the roster. 

Felo is going to be the lone substitute player for the current world champions. The 23-year old player will have the honor of playing for the defending champs in this next season as they attempt to retain their hard-earned title against 11 radically different teams. 

Felo Is a Search & Destroy Expert

The addition of Felo to Dallas Empire is a bold and understandable one as the player brings something to the table that the current world champions kind of need and that is someone who excels at Search & Destroy. That complicated game mode has been the subject of much hate and love in the last year. 

The game mode typically is the determining factor of who will win a match. Almost every good match will come down to the wire with some exciting matches. Search & Destroy is the most exciting game mode for the league, and we expect no less in 2021. 

The Dallas Empire will want to hone in on this important aspect of the league to ensure that they are not defeated by other teams who might have an advantage when it comes to S&D. This is where Felo comes in. He is one of the most prolific Search & Destroy experts in the entire community. 

He got his humble start around Call of Duty Ghosts’ time and quickly became known for his skill in, well, Search & Destroy. This was something that got him the ability to play with the best players in the entire community at the time. 

His Career Up Until Now

Through this, he was able to rise through the ranks and become a pro player himself, playing alongside some of the most familiar Call of Duty League names like Methodz, Aqua, General, Loony, and others who are current or former members of the league. 

The biggest accomplishment of his career thus far has been playing in the Call of Duty World Championship as part of the Elevate team. On the Black Ops 3 team, he could rise through some upsets and losses to make it to the winners finals and lose to Team Envy there. 

Though they would also lose in the losers finals to Splyce, this landed them a third-place spot that secured that they were one of the best teams in the entire Call of Duty community at the time. Also, he was able to do well in the Infinite Warfare season as well. 

He is currently known as the second-highest player in average placing at the Call of Duty Championships throughout the years. That is quite impressive, and something that will be welcome to the current world champions Dallas Empire. 

Felo Was Part of the Challengers Division in 2020

Unfortunately, Felo had little to do with the Call of Duty League’s main teams in the previous season. He was part of the Challengers division for the year, but his results have earned him a welcome spot on the current world champion’s team.

This is especially notable since the Dallas Empire was one of his rivals in previous seasons. During the Black Ops 3 season, they lost the winners finals to Team Envy, who would become the champions during that year. 

If you didn’t know, Team Envy is the same esports organization that owns the Dallas Empire team as the successor to that awesome group. Dallas Empire proved once more how strong it is last year by winning yet another championship and the first one in the new form of the Call of Duty League. 

This is an excellent move for Felo and one that could see him return to the championships and possibly make his average go up on the record. The Dallas Empire is one of the teams to watch in the upcoming 2021 season as the current world champions. 

They are also one of the only teams in the entire league that has not made any considerable changes to their roster. As the champions, they likely didn’t feel the need to fix what isn’t necessarily broken. The only change they made was releasing one player from the starting roster to fit the new four on four format.

That player was none other than Clayster, in an immensely controversial move to us still to this day, who is now playing for the New York Subliners in the upcoming season. The Call of Duty League 2021 season will get its start with the upcoming Kickoff Classic event


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