Dallas Empire Adds Vivid to the Lineup: What This Means

by in Call of Duty | May, 24th 2021

Dallas Empire is the team that won the Call of Duty League inaugural championship in 2020, but they have not quite reached the levels of greatness they showed then in this current 2021 season. But a huge change is happening for them now with the Dallas Empire Vivid announcement. 

Vivid Joins the Dallas Empire

It was recently revealed that the new fourth member of the reigning champs will now be Vivid. Reece “Vivid” Drost is one of the younger players in the pro scene right now at 21 years old, but he is also one of the strongest competitors in the entire league to date. So much so that he was able to be the face of the Los Angeles Guerrillas both last year and for much of this year’s season, despite the fact that he was part of one of the most underperforming teams in the league. But he got his shot as a true pro during the 2020 season and made some fans there. 

He was even able to help the Los Angeles Guerrillas have a strong start to the 2021 season before the team started to taper off and fail some. In the end, the organization’s leadership decided to drop their star player, the only returning one from last year, in favor of the other members. This was a controversial decision as, to many, it took away what was left of what made the Guerrillas great in the first place. Since then, Vivid has been part of the Challengers division for the past stage or so, but he did not have really any time at all to show his talents there before this decision was made.

Dallas Empire Vivid Deal Is a Shocking Move

In a shocking move, Dallas Empire announced that it is adding Vivid to its starting lineup for the future. This Dallas Empire Vivid is a surprising one since we did not expect the current reigning champs to see the talent in this player who has had troubled teams to date and give him a chance. Despite the skill that Vivid has in Call of Duty, there is no denying that he has not had the best teams in the world thus far in this career. That could have painted him in a bad light, even though he is a solid player, but it seems that this did not deter Dallas Empire from giving him a chance. 

What makes this whole Dallas Empire Vivid deal even more bizarre is that we fully expected the organization to bring in a brand new rookie and try to recapture the glory that it had last year with its mix of new and old players that helped the team to be able to secure the first league championship. Instead, it seems that Dallas has high hopes for Vivid and can see him filling that role of a newer player on the team moving forward. On Twitter, the Empire noted the announcement and welcomed Vivid to the main roster as the team attempts to defend the throne that it took in 2020. 

Vivid Joining the Team Is a Solid Decision

Soon after, Vivid made his own tweet and changed his name there to Empire Vivid, stating that he is “excited to finish the season out with Dallas Empire.” And that he is excited to see what the team can do. We are interested as well as this is one of the more intriguing decisions from a team to date. It comes immediately after the decision that FeLo would be benched after he was quickly brought in to fill the role left by the removal of Huke from the Empire. That controversial decision was an attempt to recover the Dallas Empire this season and it has been met with mixed results thus far. 

Instead of seeing the team recover and get better as we would hope for the champs, they actually decreased in strength and worsened, especially when it came to the recent Major in Stage 3. That led to the quick benching of FeLo and the bringing in of Vivid. As such, it is time to break down what this move means for Dallas and how it could help or hurt the team moving forward. Overall, I would say that this Dallas Empire Vivid deal is a much better one than what we saw before as Vivid has immense potential that perhaps not everyone will notice given the team that he was on last season and this year. 

But with the Dallas Empire and partnering with champs like C6, Shotzzy, and iLLeY, there is a chance that we could see Vivid grow into his own and have a chance to be a team member rather than the leader of a team, despite his relatively new spot in the big leagues. Vivid could bring the edge and speed that Dallas Empire loved to capitalize on in the past, but has been struggling to maintain lately. In that way, he fits right in with the Dallas Empire tactical style that we saw last year in the inaugural season. 

The Dallas Leadership Is Still Questionable

I think it is a good move for sure and a better one that could end up helping the Dallas Empire to improve, but it is ultimately a bandaid on the actual issue of the leadership at the organization. The team stated it knew what it was doing, even if it did not look like that at the time when it dropped Huke and picked up FeLo. Given that Dallas then turned around and quickly benched FeLo, it is quite hard to believe those words in the end, unless they have some next-level Doctor Strange-like view of the situation that required that to be necessary. There were definitely other changes that could have been made to prevent this situation from happening in the first place. 

Despite that all, I am personally happy for Vivid as a fan of the player and hope to see him soar to new heights as part of the Dallas Empire roster. We will get to see him in action along with the three champs when Dallas kicks off their fourth stage run against the London Royal Ravens and Toronto Ultra later this week.


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