Daily Swatting Led to XQC Moving For Personal Safety

by in Entertainment | Jun, 29th 2021

Felix “xQc” Lengyel said to his viewers that he’s had to move, as “daily” swatting has led to him and Adept moving. Recently, the former Overwatch pro and Adept moved in with Sodapoppin, claiming “house renovations”. xQc opened up about the truth recently, that he’s been the target of a dangerous swatting campaign, and he’s been genuinely scared about the situation. He’s been reportedly swatted by the police nearly daily, and that would terrify anyone.

xQc Considered Moving Back to Canada, But Not For Betting Laws:

Some thought xQc was interested in moving back to Canada for its lax gambling/betting laws, but this is apparently not the case. This thought came from when xQc accidentally revealed some DMs between himself and Trainwrecks discussing betting sites. This is also not the case, according to xQc, but a daily swatting campaign:

The main reason why I wanted to move back to Canada a month ago, we were getting raided by the police station at rates that absolutely made no f**king sense. Almost every day the police came to our house with the full squad. Because of f**king idiots. And I was genuinely scared that I was GOING to die.

xQc also pointed out there were some other reasons than swatting that were worse but didn’t elaborate further. He did set up a system that allowed him to stream without letting his viewers know about the police coming into his home, which is pretty impressive. His strategy was to mention food:

The police here are very professional. After the first raid, they would give us a heads up, and they would clear the house. And I found a way to remain on stream and not say anything at all. And nobody ever noticed and the streams kept on going.

He mentioned his real-life issues but again, didn’t elaborate. It sounds like things are really rough for xQc right now, and we wish the streamer nothing but the best. One of the reasons xQc didn’t speak up sooner is that he didn’t want to be seen as a victim, and didn’t want the people swatting him to think they had power or control over him. But since the gambling accusations were piling up, he needed to speak the truth, and be honest with people. We don’t know if he’s going to wind up moving back to Canada, but it sounds like if that’s what he needs to do, he absolutely should. There’s no reason someone should have to fear for their life just because they stream.


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