Dafran Quits Streaming Regularly on Twitch

by in Entertainment | Jun, 2nd 2020

The star of Daniel “Dafran” Francesca, once an Overwatch prodigy that had a bright future in the Overwatch League, has seemingly completed its journey back to earth (quite literally) as the streamer quits streaming regularly to focus on agriculture. 

Dafran to Study Agriculture, Start Strawberry Farming

Dafran announced his retirement early Tuesday morning, shocking many in the Twitch streaming community, but especially in the Overwatch scene. Dafran was one of the biggest community members still playing the game regularly on stream, with many variety streamers having long since abandoned Blizzard’s title. 

His destination also surprised many, as Dafran announced he would be going back to school, as he quits streaming for what presumably is an Agricultural degree. 

While Dafran did say that he would occasionally stream on Twitch for fun, it would not be with any regularity and would only be done for fun. At the time of writing, Dafran has around 600,000 followers, and pulled in an average of between 2000 and 7000 live viewers, according to Twitch Metrics. 

The Tragedy of OWL’s prodigy

The Overwatch League was in a strange position heading into its second season. Several of the game’s biggest streaming names retired from active competition, including folks like Brandon “Seagull” Larned, leaving the game without something of a western face. Though superstars like Sinatraa were taking up the banner, one of the game’s biggest rising stars was Dafran. 

Many fans had questioned whether Dafran would have the temperament to hold his own in the Overwatch League. He had a reputation for anger on his stream, after all, and this was something the Overwatch League had taken a hardline stance through folks like xQc.

This increased pressure caused Dafran to almost drop out of OWL competition before it had even really begun for the first stage of Season 2, with a tweet claiming that he had severed his contract with the Atlanta Reign.

While he was serious about it at the time, management at the Reign managed to convince him to play. And he went on to become one of the first stage’s best Zarya players, setting up several key highlights and driving huge amounts of viewership for the Overwatch League.

However, after a Stage One playoffs defeat in the semifinals, Dafran immediately announced that he would be stepping down from the Reign. This came with loud fan outcry that the League had to do something to stop the burnout of its players, something that the League didn’t really address in any active fashion, and still has yet to. Since then, many star players, including Jake Lyon and Sinatraa, have stepped down from playing professional Overwatch.


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