CWL Miami Shooting Threat Over Scrim Drama

By Isaac Chandler

July 11, 2019


CWL Miami shooting threat

Shocking news out of the Open Bracket for the Call of Duty World League (CWL), where one of the participating players has threatened to shoot another competitor if they go to Miami. This new CWL Miami Shooting threat is one that should not be taken lightly.

The drama started during a scrim between two of the participating teams. The scrim started late, which led to one of the players on the waiting team, Jswavey, to ask what was taking their opponents so long in the game chat.

A member of the opposing team, Silent, known for hopping around the open qualifier scene, began arguing with Jay, leading to Silent allegedly threatening to have a gun waiting for him if Jay came to CWL Miami, where both would be playing in the qualifier. Silent later threatened to “hit up the family,” insinuating he’d bring a group with him to attack Jay.

Unfortunately, at this time we only have the tweets from Jswavey and Silent to go off of, as the entire exchange was recorded in a VoD sitting behind a paywall on Silent’s Twitch channel. We at Esports Talk do not condone such remarks, and refuse to give funds to a potential shooter.

Silent did reach out to Dextero, who broke the story, earlier to say that the entire exchange was, “not as serious as it appears,” and had already been resolved.

Whether or not Silent meant the comments seriously or not, the entire CWL Miami shooting threat is completely inappropriate considering what happened at the Madden event in Miami earlier last year.

Threatening to shoot a player and then playing it off as “just a joke bro” is entirely unacceptable in this day and age, and TO’s for the tournament will hopefully take a serious look and investigate the allegations. Especially considering the size of an event like CWL Miami, there’s a strong potential for a lot of innocent people to get hurt if he did end up bringing a gun to shoot Jswavey.

While nothing has been done at the time of this writing, it wouldn’t surprise us to see serious action taken against Silent, including a ban from attending the event himself.

We’ll keep you updated as the situation develops, and for all of you attending CWL Miami, please be safe and remember to report any suspicious activity.


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