Custom Reticles Are Coming to Apex Legends

by in Apex Legends | Dec, 3rd 2021

A useful quality of life feature is coming to Apex Legends: Custom Reticles! This update, slated to drop next week according to leaks, will come with a variety of buffs and nerfs. This change, however, is one of the biggest requests fans of Apex Legends have asked for – custom reticles! It will even have quite a few features to make it incredible. Players will reportedly have quite a bit of control so that players can make what they need, and still be useful on a variety of maps.

What’s Coming With Custom Reticles?

Revealed on Alpha Intel on Twitter, we learned that Custom Reticles are coming to Apex Legends next week. According to them, it will have RGB colors and have color/brightness sliders to adjust. You can also manually enter an RGB color, and preview the reticle across 4 environments. Though it has been said that Respawn’s custom reticles in Apex Legends will do some color correcting. This is so it can be used across a host of backgrounds effectively.

Though this is an exciting part of the Raiders Collection Event update. When the update hits, go to the Gameplay Settings, and there’s a “Customize” feature under Reticule. It has presets you can look at, and then adjust them to suit your needs. Whether you use the sliders or manually enter a color, we like that you can see how they will look in the various in-game backgrounds. The devs warn against darker colors because they might become invisible in dark environments.

We also got a sneak peek of this, courtesy of Respawn’s Justin Mass, via Twitter. All reticles, except the 1x Digital Threat and 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat will use the custom color, according to Justin. It sounds like people are incredibly excited for it, and we don’t blame them.  Until now, there were almost no ways to change how your reticle looked in combat, so this is a very welcome addition to Apex Legends. Players won’t have to wait long either, since this Apex Legends custom reticle feature drops on December 7th.


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