CSPPA Reveals New CSGO Ranking System

by in CS:GO | Aug, 14th 2020

The Counter-Strike Pro Player’s Association, also known as the CSPPA, has revealed a brand new ranking system to determine who the best CSGO teams are in the world. They’ve done so for a number of reasons, but ultimately, they’re doing so in order to create a system that they feel is fairer to players and doesn’t penalize teams for taking a break as much as systems like HLTV’s or ESL’s ranking systems. 

Indeed, much of Counter-Strike player salaries are tied up in these rankings, especially for top players. So it’s obviously very important to these players that they feel they are being ranked in a fair way. 

Counter-Strike Pros Unite for More Transparency

The CSPPA’s new CSGO ranking system is supposed to accomplish a number of goals, per their press release.

  • Promoting a more sustainable work-life balance for players
    • Current ranking systems incentivize pro CSGO players to play as many matches and tournaments as possible and often fail to afford players and teams reasonable protections in case players are unable to attend matches or tournaments due to health and burnout issues and the similar. Is it a key priority for the CSPPA to fight for a more sustainable work-life balance. In the first edition of the CSPPA World Ranking, this has been addressed by:
      • Introducing a “protected ranking” for players meaning that players are not penalized if they are unable to attend matches or tournaments due to illness, mental health issues, or injury.
      • Including a limited scope of tournaments and excluding tournament that conflict with a  player break
      • Not including individual matches
      • Determining the CSPPA World Ranking on the basis of tournaments played in a longer period. 
  • Increase ranking transparency and simplicity:
    • Most existing ranking system in CSGO do not lay out clear and transparent rules for how they are determined to the CSGO community. The CSPPA CSGO World Ranking is governed by a rulebook that is available for viewers on the CSPPA website.  The fundamental idea is to make sure that stakeholders understand the system. 
  • Establish a more inclusive and dynamic ranking system
    • There is no such thing as a perfect ranking system for a global and ever-evolving esports ecosystem like CSGO. CSPPA understands that adjustments to the rankings are necessary on an on-going basis. 

Why Change the Ranking System at All?

With this new ranking system in place, fans next question – but why? It turns out that rankings are among the most important part of a CSGO player’s career, especially in absence of a larger World Championship or International circuit from Valve.

“Rankings are important for players because it affects basically every single part of every player’s career, whether it be from getting invites to tournaments or what the community perceives of the teams, and even parts of your contract with it,” Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonoski said.

In other words, an agreed-upon ranking system is necessary to get the players the protections and money they deserve. But that’s the problem – agreed upon.

Is This Really Needed?

The problem with CSGO has always been a lack of standard between online and LAN events, as well as how teams are invited to these events to obtain ranking points. It’s made climbing into the higher ranks much harder for smaller teams to achieve, and indeed, much easier for more established teams to remain in the upper echelons for much longer than they should. I’ve actually written about this issue before, and things are probably worse now than they have been due to the online nature of the coronavirus and CSGO’s scene at present. 


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