CSPPA Releases Statement on BLAST Recording Comms, Revealing Strats

by in CS:GO | Dec, 10th 2020

CSGO pros at the BLAST Premier League have been in an uproar over BLAST’s decision to record and use videos, especially that these recordings are being used in a way that isn’t congruent with the way they would expect. While some of these recordings are being used for innocuous purposes like fan cams, the CSPPA and players are alleging that some of them are being leaked to teams and strategies being exposed. 

It’s a Question of Integrity for Blast

“The players will support any measures that help safeguard the integrity of the game,” player reps from all BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals teams said in a statement issued by the CSPPA. “In fact, we will soon be announcing new measures on how to do so. But we also insist that players are treated fairly, and that any information that we share is not freely passed on to others that should not receive such information. That is a clear integrity issue in itself!”

Indeed, there’s been a clear breakdown in negotiations between teams, BLAST, and players, as they said they were “disappointed” that they had to release a public statement on the issue in the first place.

“We players are disappointed in how BLAST have handled this. We have tried to engage with them, but they have not been willing to engage with us at all They have left us no choice but to make a stand here. Hopefully, they hear our concerns this way. We players stand together on this- We will not allow BLAST to mishandle this information anymore. We encourage BLAST to start a dialogue with the CSPPA so we can get this done in the right way.” 

The Teams Respond, Saying the Issue Has Already Been Solved Since Last Month

The CSGO teams themselves issued their own statement the following day, saying that they are unsure why the CSPPA is now issuing a statement as they’ve already dealt with this concern with BLAST, something the CSPPA disputes.

“The teams and all Tournament Organizers, including BLAST, have worked, are working, and will continue to work together to ensure that any and all of our players’ needs pertaining their participation are met to the extent possible,” the BLAST finalists said in a joint statement. “As a result of this already successful partnership between the parties, BLAST resolved the issues raised around the usage of voice comms already on November 2.. We fail to understand how and why CAPPA are involved in trying to raise concerns with an already resolved issue, without our knowledge or any form of previous communication.”

With the teams denying they knew about CSPPA’s concerns or that they would raise them, it does beg the question of what exactly is happening here, and why the players are trying to leverage the public in this situation.

“While we continue to improve the quality of life of our precious teams and players,” they continued.  “We urge both the community and our players to continue raising concerns through the proper channels, so that we can carry on improving their conditions in and outside the game.”

The message was tweeted and signed by Complexity, G2, Na’vi, Team Liquid, NiP, Astralis, Evil Geniuses, Mousesports, Furia, FaZe Clan, Vitality, BIG, OG, and MIBR – all of the CSGO teams present at the BLAST finals, meaning no team was willing to side with the CSPPA.

While matches have resumed at the BLAST Premier finals, it’s unclear what the fallout of this situation will be long term. Some CSGO community members have stated that while the CSPPA is right in this instance, they haven’t been on the moral side of every argument, and are somewhat strong-arming various Tournament Organizers, such as BLAST, into getting their seal of approval. Whether or not this happened here is unclear, and if the players in the CSPPA will take further action remains to be seen. 


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