CSGO’s FNX Allegedly Leaked Private Video Without Consent

by in CS:GO | Jan, 7th 2021

This is another example of how disgusting people can be when they don’t respect one another. Allegations have come out that the CSGO player Lincoln ‘fnx’ Lau shared private videos of him and Renata ‘Elfa’ Schozen together in a WhatsApp group without her express consent. The two CSGO players were in a relationship as of 2019, and this ultimately led to the allegations of leaks of their private time to a group of people without consent by FNX.

Schozen Found Out Via Three Other People

That may be the worst about CSGO player fnx dropping a video leak. There’s nothing wrong with a couple in a physical relationship recording private time together. As long as both parties consent to the recording, do whatever feels right to you. However, Renata Schozen claims that fnx sent this video to a WhatsApp group. How does she know?

Because not just one, but three different people informed her that the video had been shared. Schozen points out that she consented to the recording, but not to the sharing. When you have several people sharing an intimate, private moment and you didn’t even know that went down? That is horrible in a way I can’t easily explain.

Renata Schozen had this to say on Twitter about making her allegations concerning the CSGO player fnx dropping a video leak:

“I am not afraid, I have countless witnesses who prove what I say, he may even delete the video and retaliate in some way, but this will not be in vain, I want justice for me and for all the others who pass me by, I know that I’m not alone.”

She even posted a screenshot of the conversation she had with fnx on Twitter. She also posted a video to social media, which, when translated says:

“A girl sent me a message saying that one of you, not sure if it were the CS guys or Titan, who was in the group, can’t remember if I’ve sent anything… saying that one of you sent a video of mine having sex with some girl. I’m gonna meet her this week and she’s gonna tell me who did it. I’m asking you guys to tell the truth about what happened, otherwise it’s gonna get worse later.”

Fnx has played for a variety of teams: formerly MiBR, Immortals, SK Gaming, Luminosity, and even 100 Thieves. Now he’s a part of Imperial Esports. It’s sad that these things had to happen, but we’re proud of the women like Schozen who are brave enough to come forward. It’s also important to note that Schozen is a lawyer, and now has a copy of what was shared, and proof. It sounds like this could very well go to a court of law in the near future. We wouldn’t blame her, not one bit.

This isn’t going to go away, and as of now, we have seen no response from Imperial Esports. With MiT being accused of (and admitting to) sexual assault in Brazil, it sounds like more and more people are finding the courage to talk about how they’ve been victimized. Schozen knows that she would face dire consequence for offering false information, so we’re willing to believe she is sincere in her allegations. As this develops, we will come back to this.


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