CSGO Prediction Tool Unveiled During the BLAST Premier Fall Finals

by in CS:GO | Dec, 21st 2020

“AI Hackathon” challenged people to create a real-time tool that predicts the outcome of CSGO matches based on actual in-game situations. More than 373 participants took part across 20 countries. Fast forward to the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. BLAST teamed up with Skybox Technologies and Copenhagen Capacity to highlight three of these algorithms. We’re very curious what the CSGO prediction tool’s applications will be on BLAST events or otherwise.

Science Is Awesome

During the BLAST Premier Fall Finals, the winner’s prediction tool algorithms for CSGO were unveiled. At first, they only had a 73% accuracy on average, but accuracy increased as the matches went on. We also learned that Skybox Technologies would roll out the AI Hackathon tool to the CSGO community at large next year. This will “help teams, players, and coaches in training and preparation ahead of tournaments.”

“We’re really happy with the engagement of the AI teams and the possibility to provide a platform to showcase the talent within the fanbase,” said Ethan Cooper, CEO of Skybox Technologies. “Such skills have vast applications within and outside of esports. The opportunity of working with some of the participants further is an added bonus; and along with this, we are really excited about making the technology available to the broader CSGO community next year.”

We can’t help but consider other uses of this app. Could it help betting outlets in creating odds for CSGO matches in the future? It doesn’t sound impossible. To have reliable odds on what will happen in a match could benefit those kinds of outlets. Could it help fight match-fixing? It’s entirely probable. For example, if a team has an 85% chance of winning according to math and science, and they get obliterated, something fishy may have happened.

“At BLAST we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to keep fans engaged and rewarded when watching our broadcast, the Al Hackathon has been a welcome addition and proved highly successful in bringing something new to the table and we were delighted to see the community react so positively to the integration,” said BLAST CEO Robbie Douek.

There are a lot of potential uses in the competitive CSGO scene. A coach can feed some data into this algorithm about what they know about the other team they’ll be facing. Then, you add the data for your team and figure out the odds of you coming out on top with specific strategies. CSGO is already one of the competitive, highest-skilled esports in the world. This kind of data could make the skill-cap between good teams and great teams even higher. As long as the teams pay attention to the data presented and put it to good use, there’s no telling what CSGO tournaments will have to show us in the coming year.

There are many potential uses for the prediction tool for CSGO, modeled and revealed during BLAST Premier, from the bettors to the actual teams and fans. It could also help people who bet on CSGO matches to see how accurate the odds bettors are giving out. What an exciting time for CSGO esports!


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