CSGO Knife Skin Theft Could Lead to Major Jail Time

by in CS:GO | Feb, 1st 2021

CSGO has bar none the most expensive skins you could get for any online game. Poolseidon in SMITE, for example, tends to run about $1,000 and is only occasionally offered (and almost always to charity). We recently learned about a gamer who allegedly committed theft of a CSGO knife skin and could be facing up to eight years in jail. How much was this skin going for? They were supposed to pay $1,400 for a knife skin. That isn’t even the most expensive CSGO skin by half, either. We’ve seen more than one go for more than $5,000, even up to $18,000-$19,000. 

Still Serious Money

The CSGO knife skin theft victim reported the other player to the police in Pilsen, Czech Republic after this event went down. So, what happened? The skin in question is rare, and the buyer paid a deposit and received the knife. The rest of the payment never got sent in, allegedly.

“He received around $190 deposit, and the rest was supposed to be paid during a meetup,” said Veronika, Hokrova, a police spokeswoman in Pilsen. “But until this day, the injured man hasn’t obtained the full amount.”

As the Czech Republic is presently in a state of emergency, as many places are, their jail sentences are pretty extreme right now. This CSGO player can face up to eight years of jail time for knife skin theft. That’s not guaranteeing him an eight-year sentence, but that’s what it could lead to. 

This is a severe matter. People have been jailed for far less in the Czech Republic. Even though $1,400 is a paltry amount for a CSGO skin of any kind, the fact that it happened is pretty despicable. At least it’s not one of those skins that go into the five digits. In some places, during a state of emergency, a crime is sentenced/judged at a rate higher than usual. So a third-degree robbery would be a second-degree robbery. 

If you didn’t want to pay that much, you could have tried haggling or simply waiting for someone else to try and sell the knife at a lower price. There is zero justification for the theft of something like this. We will have to keep our eyes out for what goes into this, but where do you stand? Should the player have just not bothered, or what? We’d love to know what you think on social media!


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