CSGO Fans Hyped For 2021 Update Teasers

by in CS:GO | Aug, 2nd 2021

It sounds like 2021 could be an exciting year for CSGO if the update teasers are any indicator. On Twitter, the CSGO account a very simple post: “Counter-Strike.” That’s it. It seems like that was enough to get people talking, though. The tweet has since been deleted, but as always, speculation is rife. With the notion that you can play on the go soon (via the Stream Deck), CSGO isn’t far away from many players’ minds right now. Are there any huge changes coming? Well, we’re not sure, but it’s certainly possible. Right now, it’s all rumor, innuendo, and speculation, but it could still be a very exciting 2021 for CSGO if you listen to update teasers on the internet.

Changes? Fixes? A New Game Perhaps?

Okay, so this writer doesn’t think it’s a new game. It would be really interesting, though. What if Valve released a version of CSGO designed for the Steam Deck? Not a CSGO 2, but maybe “CSGO Mobile” or something like it? It could be very exciting. On a more interesting, plausible note, in a recent CSGO Fleet on Twitter, they posted, “Imagine a world where pressing ‘g’ drops your grenades…”. A reply pointed out that you can, but this would break the game. 

CSGO’s Twitter account replied with. “Is your claim that a single CT could hold a site because they are carrying four smoke grenades? One CT with four clouds of smoke can hold off five Ts with guns and utility of their own?”

Some think it would be incredibly broken. Your squad could spam Smoke Grenades on a site and then defend a different spot. You could keep a site completely fogged up until the round ends, giving a decided tactical advantage. What could this mean? CSGO might be changing how utility works in the game: grenades, flashbangs, smoke grenades, decoys. 

Using these is restricted since players can carry up to four utility items. You can carry one of each, except Flashbangs (two of each). Players also can’t drop utility in most modes. But what if that changes? What if one of your teammates was a utility holder? They could carry extra flashbangs, grenades, et cetera and drop them for your team to pick up and use in a pinch? Now, this is an interesting proposition.  

There’s also talk of changes to the buy menu. Some players think it should happen, regardless of the rumor is true or not. What if you could buy weapons for other players on the team? That could be fascinating. CSGO didn’t directly talk about this on Twitter, but it is something being spoken about online. Finally, there’s also a rumor of the game mode “Surf” as an in-game feature (official game mode). This was picked up on SteamDB as a whitelisted CSGO server. It was named “surf_beginner,” and “Surf” is a very popular game mode, often used by TOs to keep people hyped during halftime at a LAN. 

No matter what happens, speculation is running wild on the internet right now, with the possibility of a major update teasers coming to CSGO in 2021, thanks to teasers and discussion. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any major announcements or leaks and keep you in the loop! It’s all rumor at this point, but it’s exciting talk nonetheless!


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