CS:GO Danger Zone Update

By Chris Blain

December 6, 2018


Danger Zone

CS:GO Danger Zone update just dropped, and we have some incredible news – brace yourself – CS:GO is now free to play! Yes, you read that correctly. The entire game of CS:GO is now free to play – including the brand-new battle royale mode Danger Zone!

Up to 18 players will drop into Blacksite to scavenge, order, and prepare the best way they know how so that they can fight for survival. Players can go in solo, duos, or trios to take down their opponents and either be the hunter or hunted. Which will you choose?

Danger Zone Gameplay

  • Entering as a solo player will put players into a 16-player match. Entering in a duo or trio squad will place you into an 18-player match.
  • The game mode is fast-paced with roughly 10-minute match times.
  • Each match will feature some of that CS:GO goodness we all love with a set of pistols, SMGs, rifles, and heavy weapons from the classic arsenal.
  • Resources are designed to be scarce so that players plan accordingly with their weapons since every bullet will matter.
  • Players can get creative with their play style by using explosives such as breach charges, plant-anywhere C4, throwable melee weapons and more in their battle.
  • Medi-Shot gives a temporary speed boost to players so that they can evade attackers or close gaps.
  • Experience is earned by looting your environment, killing enemies, and trying the best to survive.
  • Guns work the same relating to damage and their behavior as standard CS:GO modes. However, players can have up to 120HP – which may allow them to survive when they normally wouldn’t

Special Missions/Goodies

There are special missions that players can complete to earn their rivals out and keep a positive cash flow coming in their direction. Aside just missions, there are extremely valuable tools to help players navigate and stay one step ahead of their foes.

  • Contracts give cash for eliminating high-value targets.
  • Safes have cash inside of them that can open with a special key, called C4.
  • Hostages can be carried to the rescue zone for a cash bonus.

The Tablet

The tablet is the key to your success in the Danger Zone, and it can be upgraded to have different features that will aid you in your survival. Upgraded tablets can track player movements and provide invaluable intel to determine if you should engage your opponent or tactically retreat.

  • Order weapons/items/gear
  • Tracks opponent’s positions
  • Track your drone deliveries
  • Track opponent’s drone deliveries
  • Allows you to chart a path so you can avoid the “Danger Zone.”

The Danger Zone Case

  • The update features Danger Zone cases that can contain 17 community-designed weapon finishes as well as the Horizon knives.

Special: Earn Souvenir MP5-SD

  • Players can earn a special Souvenir MP5-SD by having a Prime Status (automatic upgrade for existing players) and earning 250 XP in Danger Zone before 1/9/2019.


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