Crown Officially Retires From League of Legends

by in League of Legends | Dec, 1st 2020

It’s a shame to report this, but Lee “Crown” Min-ho has officially retired from League of Legends, as revealed on Instagram. Though he began his gaming career in Starcraft II, he ended things in League of Legends and leaves with one Worlds title to his name. His role in bringing victory to Samsung Galaxy over SK T1 is not to be under-estimated. As one of the best Viktor players globally, we’ll miss his incredible skills in the professional scene.

A Negative Look Back by Crown, But Not by Us

As Crown retires from League of Legends, it’s unfortunate that his look back isn’t a fond one. Though he is a world champion, things went downhill from that 2017 peak. OpTic Gaming did not flourish with him, nor did CLG. This isn’t to say that he’s bad, far from it. Crown is an incredible player, but the barrier between American and Korean players is a serious one. Both regions approach the game differently, and the threat of language/thought barriers exist.

You want your team to gel and co-exist peacefully, to be able to communicate clearly and have a similar goal in mind. That doesn’t always happen. After these moves, Crown went to a Challengers Korea team, OZ Gaming, earlier this year.

Crown had this to say on Instagram, which was translated by InvenGlobal: From a certain point, rather than being fun, interesting, and competitive, all my thoughts were filled with negative thoughts and started getting stressful. I was dreaming things that I can’t realistically reach and said ‘this one more time, next one more time,’ and endured pathetically up to now. I think it’s finally time to let go.

It’s disappointing that Crown feels this way and has these negative emotions attached to League of Legends. As Crown retires from League of Legends, we’d rather look back at his work fondly. He did his best, and despite what he says, he deserves the praise he receives. We’re certainly curious about what’s going to be next for Crown.

Though he’ll no longer be going by that moniker, he did say this on his Instagram post: “With this championship as a start, I, Lee Min-ho, will be a pro gamer that continues to grow, getting the second championship and third championship. Thank you.”

Since he’ll no longer be the League champion Crown, we’re going to go out on a limb. Look forward to Crown showing up somewhere as a coach and/or streamer soon. He has too much knowledge just to let it all go. With that final, semi-cryptic comment, we look forward to what comes next for the mid-lane god.


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