Crimsix and Scump’s CoD Beef Will Be Left in 2020

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 31st 2020

Let’s be honest: 2020 has been a rotten year for so many reasons. Other than COVID-19, we’ve had cheating, people getting permanently banned on Twitch, lawsuits, and worse. We do have some solid, positive news, at least. Crimsix and Scump, two of the top CoD players, perhaps of all time, have been at odds for years. But with 2021 coming up, the Crimsix and Scump both agreed to leave the CoD beef behind as 2020 leaves us. 

A Silly Tweet Leads to Peace in the CoD Community

It’s been a few years, but Scump and Crimsix’s CoD beef got bad during Black Ops Season 4. Crimsix and Scump’s relationship grew worse, and the two hated each other by the end of 2019. It ultimately led to Scump requesting FormaL to team up in the CDL’s first season instead of Crim. This could not have helped the CoD beef between Crimsix and Scump, as Scump wound up heading to the Chicago Huntsman (OpTic Chicago). Crimsix, however, found himself on Dallas Empire.

Perhaps, the best part of this is that it all began with a sort of silly tweet from Crimsix. It simply read: “Yo drop beef if I be your New Year’s kiss? @scump.” All of a sudden, it’s like all that ill will and competitive arguing vanished in a puff of smoke. Scump’s response was concise enough: “lmao this was the last thing I was expecting today. Leave it in 2020.” 

This year’s been hard on so many people, and to see an intense hate/beef disappear when the new year begins? You love to see it. We’re sure they’ll still nitpick and snipe at each other on social media, but this time, it will be for fun and laughs instead of two people that genuinely cannot seem to stand one another.

Perhaps all they needed was time away from one another. That is a hard thing about competitive gaming. Sometimes, people who are best friends can seriously grow apart because of the sport. A beef that got so bad the two reportedly hated each other seems to be gone forever! There’s nothing wrong with a rivalry between teammates, but they split up and join other squads instead? It’s just unfortunate. We’re glad to see the Crimsix and Scump beef disappear in CoD, but we hope they can still keep things entertaining via social media and streams.

That’s probably not going away anytime soon. Let’s all try to be just a bit better for each other in 2021. 


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