Crimsix Reveals Empire Wanted Clayster as Fifth Man in Twitter Thread

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 27th 2021

Crimsix opened up on Twitter recently about wanting Clayster to replace Huke on the Dallas Empire. We’re still waiting on the video from Crimsix on that situation too. While we wait on that, this situation is certainly an interesting one. Through a series of tweets, Crimsix pointed out that he was really angling to add Clayster to the squad after dropping Huke, but unfortunately, that did not work out. Who wouldn’t want Clayster though? He’s a three-time World Champ and is a CoD player without equal. So what did Crimsix say about the situation?

“The Person We Wanted Was Clayster Above Everyone.” – Crimsix

While we’re still left hanging on Crimsix’s response about Huke, this does tie into the situation, at least a bit. After Huke was dropped from the team, the question was “Who fills his spot?” On July 26th, Crimsix dropped a few posts on Twitter about wanting, in particular, Clayster. He even talked about how it would work out, shifting around another player to make sure things were solid:

“The person we wanted was @Clayster above everyone. As Clay is an AR, we were fine with running group matches w/ Felo & Inder on sub until we got him. Trade negotiations fell through especially after NYSL just got 2nd in Stage 3 so we can’t really be mad at that. Just unfortunate.”

That’s pretty telling. It sounds like Crimsix had some pretty solid plans, but it just didn’t work out. He assumed that CLayster also wanted to play with the team again, but it didn’t work out at all. For now, Clayster is taking a break from competition, for mental health reasons, and we aren’t knocking that one bit. Playing at that high of a level constantly can be very taxing. Hopefully, after time passes, perhaps he can reunite with his team again.

This isn’t to say that Vivid was a bad pick. Crimsix pointed out on Twitter that while they didn’t get Clayster, Vivid is the “most random, yet most fortunate pickup I’ve ever been apart of.” Things worked out for the Dallas Empire it seems, though they most definitely wanted Clayster to be on the squad. There were reportedly trade talks, but they fell through after the Subliners took second at Major 3.

Some people are saying that Clayster “quit” on the Subliners because of this, but we aren’t going to speculate on that. That’s just a rumor though, and this writer is taking Clayster at his word. It’s unfortunate that things didn’t go the way Crimsix wanted with Clayster, but as Crim said on Twitter, he’s not disappointed with who filled the slot.


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