Crimsix Moves to Dallas, Speaks Out on Beef with Scump

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 21st 2019

Crimsix had now come out officially moving to the Dallas CWL team for the 2020 season after being kicked off the OpTic LA roster.

The star player announced the move in a video on Dallas’ Twitter Friday, noting early on in it that he “doesn’t forgive, and doesn’t forget,” likely referencing the drama that allegedly went down leading to his removal from the squad in the middle of September.

The video also revealed the name of the Dallas squad, the Dallas Empire, and was followed up with a tweet by Crimsix tagging his new teammates.

These include Clayster, Shotzzy, Huke, and iLLeY, though no subs were announced at the time of the tweet.

Cake of Spite

While Crimsix was rather cheerful during the announcement, he’s since begun to show frustration, though not with his current team.

Instead, his bitterness seems directed at OpTic and his former teammate Scump, opening up on an AMA on Reddit about what exactly happened.

In the AMA, Crimsix revealed that it was Hector, or H3CZ, who removed him from the squad, and that he and Scump were not on good terms, and indeed are not even friends, promising to release a video on the matter later.

He also commented on how the community shouldn’t take the whole drama out of proportion and stated how he was sick of trying to find out the truth of the situation. He suggested none of his now-former teammates have been willing to take the blame for his departure.

Crim also discussed how upset he was about the sale of OpTic, though because of the sale itself, and more because he didn’t get a cut of that sale while other players managed to.

If he was the only OpTic player not to get part of the sale, it’s easy to see why Crim would start becoming unhappy with the squad and was looking for a home elsewhere.

With Scump and H3CZ leaving the org, and now Crimsix, the glory days of OpTic have come to an end. It remains to be seen if they’ll be able to recover any time soon.

Meanwhile, Empire has put together a pretty impressive roster for themselves and will be a team to keep an eye on come next season.


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