Crimsix Leaks LA OpTic Roster

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 11th 2019

It looks like the early teams getting into the league really are getting a leg up on signing talent, as the LA OpTic roster appears to have been leaked by Crimsix during a CS:GO game late last night.

In a clip from CS:GO player MassiveTitan’s stream last night, collected with reactions from other pros in a post on the CoD Intel Twitter account, Crimsix alleges the roster for OpTic will include Scump, Dashy, Tj, and Formal, and that Crimsix himself, was dropped for former Evil Geniuses player Jkap.

In another clip shortly afterward, Crim also claims the reason he was removed from the team was that Dashy, TJ, and Formal didn’t want to play with him. He also claimed Karma was dropped after Scump stated he didn’t want to play with him.

Formal Reaction

Following the initial stream, the clips have spread around the community like wildfire, reaching to Formal. During his livestream of a Blackout match in Black Ops 4, he seemed utterly stunned by the leak, repeating several times that it was indeed Crimsix in the first clip.

After righting himself, he quickly denied the rumors as “fake news,” before berating the former-OpTic player for spreading that sort of information in a random CS:GO match, claiming Crim should “know better than that. He should be better than that.”

Analyzing the Move

Dropping Crimsix from the roster is a rather shocking move for OpTic, considering his incredibly high level of skill, (they’re switching him with a weaker Jkap). The rest of the roster moves make sense given recent comments by Scump.

Scump had said in an interview that Dashy would be a part of his dream all-star roster, and Dashy and TJ have seemed an inseparable pair for a while now.

Formal was also on his dream team list, and while Jkap was nowhere in sight, he does seem like a fine replacement to fill the last spot on a rather stacked roster.

The biggest surprise of all, though, has to be Scump staying with the squad. He previously said he wouldn’t leave Texas to play for a team, indicating OpTic may not be forcing their roster to move across the country to play in LA.

Nothing has was confirmed by other players Crimsix mentioned, so we’ll wait until the teams officially unveil their rosters.


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