Crimsix Fires Off at Scump Again

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 13th 2019

Crimsix wants you to know he dislikes his former teammate Scump.

The former OpTic star has attacked Scump at every opportunity he seems to get, from interviews to streams and Twitter posts, and while things had looked like they were dying down, it’s now flared back up again.

Crimsix Reignites Scump Beef

The new round began after Crimsix complained in an interview that the old OpTic line-up was never practicing together and that in the rare moments they did nothing but hatred toward one another was gained.

Scump responded, claiming Crim was just emotional and how he always had to carry Crim on Sundays, calling him out for consistent .4 KD’s on that day, a rather horrible stat line to see.

Crim claimed they still managed to make top three despite his faltering while claiming that,

The statement is somewhat confusing given that it implies that Scump’s play was more important to the team than Crimsix’s, though several of our readers have noted that this isn’t precisely accurate given the players playing different roles and were talking about different games.

According to a member of our Discord, Sweeper:

“Dropping a .8 is so much better than a .3 as well like not even looking at the stat think about what it means on the map. If your entry player can’t get kills you can’t break a set up and he’s most likely losing every important gunfight as if you had a .8 at least you’re winning some important gunfights which would be the difference between winning and losing. Scump’s role in bo4 and ww2 has been more important than Crims so of course, it’s going to matter more if Scump is doing badly compared to Crim.”

It’s still worth comparing the two, but taking into context the differences in mode, role, and the games they were playing in at the time, these stats do paint Crim in a much better light.

This isn’t likely the last we’ll hear of the beef between Crimsix and Scump, and as always, we’ll keep you all updated as more drama and revelations come to light.


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