Crimsix Calls CDL Team Salaries an “Absolute Joke”

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 14th 2021

Call of Duty is incredibly exciting to watch, but Crimsix says many CDL pros are being done dirty by shameful salaries. It’s been a hot topic for years, and many people think all CoD pros are millionaires. That is most certainly not the case. The franchising of the CDL gives a bit more knowledge on how the salaries of players work. Now, some CDL players are making quite nice salaries, but that’s not who Crimsix is talking about. In a recent stream, he put quite a few teams on blast.

Names Not Given, But They Know Who They Are:

We do know that during the Modern Warfare season, there was a minimum salary cap of 50k, and that’s not terrible for some. There was said a cap of 1.5m also existed. There’s no telling how this has changed since. While we don’t know for sure what the salaries and minimums are like in CDL, Crimsix is sickened by what some teams are paying out. He seems to know quite a lot about it. He’s also one of the most successful CoD players of all time, so maybe he is someone that should be listened to. 

Earlier today on Crimsix’s Twitch stream, he discussed CDL salaries, and he held nothing back. Even though he thinks he’ll get fined, he spoke his mind:

When you have one-third of the league paying the absolute minimums on salaries, that’s a huge f**king problem. I’ll probably get fined for this, but how is that allowed? It makes me sick,” he then continued “A third of the League is saying ‘we’re going to pay you in goddamn dimes’. I’m sorry, but the only thing that pis*es me off the most about this sh*t is that people who can stop them and say ‘this is not right’ are not saying a damn thing about it.

However, no names were named here. Crimsix is someone who holds a lot of leverage with his career of demolishing people in the CDL – as a three-time World Champion. He could easily negotiate, but not everyone is quite as lucky as he is. Though we have no idea what CDL salaries are right now, if Crimsix is right, this is pretty shameful. It’s pretty brave to put this out there, even ahead of potential fines for speaking out about this. It sounds like there are people who have the power to change this (especially on the teams) but many are simply refusing to do so. Hopefully this leads to some change, thanks to Crimsix speaking out.


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