Crimsix Argues CDL Salary With LA Guerillas GM, Talks Retirement Fears

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 15th 2021

Crimsix is easily one of the greatest Call of Duty pro players of all time, but this does not necessarily mean that he is one of the most friendly players, though. His success has come along with one of the most vibrant personalities in the industry as seen in his recent Crimsix LA Guerrillas debacle with the CDL minimum salary.

Crazy Crimsix LA Guerrillas GM Drama Begins

This recent Crimsix LA Guerrillas drama over social media is far from the first time that he has been involved in some strong words and arguments with another player or Call of Duty League team manager. However, this one is a pretty long-reaching one that has brought some fascinating points. Before we get into C6’s previous fears about having to go into retirement early and other details that we have learned from the Crimsix LA Guerrillas, it all began with the recent stream that the three-time world champion had where he noted his issues with the salaries in the industry. 

In this video, he noted that around four of the teams in the Call of Duty League, not mentioning their specific names, have been paying the bare minimum to their players over the last couple of years. It was quite the passionate clip and one that has led to some interesting discussions. One such discussion was not even on Crim’s own Twitter account where someone began to respond with some strong words. It was actually on The Flank account, the excellent New York Subliners podcast from ZooMaa and Ben, and the response came from the LA Guerrillas’ very own general manager.

LA Guerrillas GM Responds to Tweet

The LA Guerrillas general manager, Alex Rubens, replied to the initial tweet from The Flank and asked where the other three teams are that are paying only the bare minimum to their players? According to Rubens, there is only one team that goes nameless here that pays only the minimum and that is it. He followed up by noting that just because a team is in the bottom four on the leaderboard, two years in a row, does not necessarily mean that they are not treating their players correctly and paying them well. This led to the Crimsix LA Guerrillas argument as C6 then responded with his own thoughts.

He noted that if a team is paying someone a low amount of around $100,000-$200,000, then it is likely that you are getting a pay cut from what you really deserve as a player or the team is trying to financially force a player to retire. It was then a back-and-forth on Twitter with this Crimsix LA Guerrillas as Rubens noted that, again, only one team (apparently not the Guerrillas) is doing this and that teams do have some players on the minimum CDL salary, but due to the overall budget for the team, and not necessarily a fraction of the “subjective” salary they deserve. 

Argument Got Worse Despite Not Being Necessary at All

Hilariously enough, the argument between the two continued despite the fact that Crimsix noted in the next tweet that he was not calling out the Guerrillas, specifically, as they are not, according to him, in that third of the CDL that underpays salary due to them actually overpaying in 2021. Ruben followed up and did clarify that they have “overpaid” every year due to trying to keep players happy, even with the results in the first season. Ironically, in my opinion, I think the Guerrillas did considerably better in 2020 than they did in this most recent season. 

From there, the Crimsix LA Guerrillas CDL salary argument really went off the rails with very strong words being thrown around, despite the fact that it really should not have happened in the first place. There were moments of someone telling the other one to “use your brain,” blasting an entire organization, and so on. From here, this is where the really juicy details behind the scenes come into play, thanks to this completely unnecessary Crimsix LA Guerrillas debate. Crim wrote an entire letter and took a picture to share on Twitter of his thoughts, bringing up an instance in his past with the Guerrillas and Methodz/Zinni. 

C6’s Previous Fears of Retirement

C6 revealed that it was not just the LAG that did not want him at some point in the past, but it was Rubens himself that wanted Methodz over him prior to Zinni becoming the Twitch master he is today. According to C6, this was because Methodz would be cheaper to get and build around than the, at the time, two-time world champ. It finally ended on a sour note on Twitter with some more very powerful language being used, or so you would think, but then it carried over onto Reddit. There, Rubens again denied that he ever was going to choose Methodz over C6 at any point and that this situation even happened. 

However, the champ fired back on Reddit, noting that it did indeed happen and that it was the first time in his career where he thought he might be “forced into retirement” because of someone’s decision for him and that it “terrified” him. This is by far the most interesting part of it all. When it comes to situations like this Crimsix LA Guerrillas that, again, did not even need to go this long or happen in the first place, there is typically a bit of truth on all sides. In this case, this is potentially something that is at least partially true. 

If we had to guess, this likely indicates that C6 was terrified of being forced into retirement before the start of the inaugural Call of Duty League season when he was looking for a team to be on. In the end, this fear was not necessary as he would make his way to the Dallas Empire and win his third championship ring there. It does not look like he will have to worry about that now, either, as he is rumored to be joining his fellow three-time champ, Clayster, once more on the new New York Subliners team in 2022. However, at the time of writing this, this is still a rumor and unconfirmed, but we do expect to get the official announcement very soon with other deals now lining up nicely. 

On the other hand, the LA Guerrillas are looking to have the best team they’ve had in three seasons of the CDL lined up for 2022, with a team that with the right amount of grinding and learning, could become a top contender next year. 


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