Cribazz Banned on Twitch After Harassing Women and LGBTQIA+ Streamers

by in Entertainment | Jun, 4th 2021

Just two days into Cribazz receiving Partner on Twitch, he was banned for harassing other streamers. A few clips went viral of Cribazz harassing women and LGBTQIA+ streamers, hurling abuse and insults at them, and trying to get them to come to his stream instead. Several people came forward with clips and proof of this abuse, and with that, Cribazz was banned on Twitch. It is unlikely that it will be a permanent ban, though many think it should be for the lengths he went to harass others. 

Deere’s Clip Went Viral:

Deere is a Drag Queen on Twitch with a fair following, and was one of the targets of Cribazz, resulting in him being banned on the platform. Cribazz’s followers would come into Deere’s streams and others, dropping insults and slurs (sexist and homophobic). The clip went viral on Twitter, garnering over 100,000 views in no time at all. Deere had this to say on the clip:

This Twitch Partner is going around harassing women and LGBTQIA2+ streamers live on their stream. This clip show’s them mistake me for twitch staff and running so they’re not caught @NotCribazz

Deere also points out the chat on the right, as the community that’s being encouraged. The outcry was immediate, with a wealth of streamers speaking out on Twitter. Negaoryx for example had this to say:

Absolutely disgusting. And coming from someone who just recently got partnered, it says a lot that he feels comfortable doing this without fear of repercussions. Please @twitch & @TwitchSupport, please enforce TOS and DO something about this.

Right at the beginning of Pride Month though, blatantly harassing other Twitch users and abusing them. As of this writing, Cribazz has yet to comment on Twitter, other than retweeting his Streamer Bans announcement. Other than that, a simple “See ya’ll in 7 days”.  Cribazz denied accusations that he was re-streaming other people’s content as well. 

The insults were far from called for. With lines like “Why are you getting ready, you’re ugly as s**t anyways. You’re ugly as s**t anyway you f**king twig. Look at your f**king little pointy a** nose.

There’s no need for someone to go around and harass other streamers like this, Pride Month or otherwise. But when there’s specifically a spotlight being put on LGBTQIA+ streamers, it seems like a strange move to take this time to harass them. For now, though, Cribazz has a few more days of the ban to go, and there’s no telling what will be said after he’s back. 


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