Crash Bandicoot Could Have Just Leaked for Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Final DLC

by in Fighting Game News | May, 19th 2021

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is in the final months of providing DLC for Fighter’s Pass 2, and as usual, a voice actor may have just given us a gigantic hint as to who the identity of one of these characters might be. 

This time around it was Scott Whyte, the voice of Crash Bandicoot, who posted on his Instagram letting his fans know he’s back in the studio with the voice of mad scientist Neo Cortex. 

What Was Revealed?

Well lookie lookie! It’s #neocortex and #CrashBandicoot working together on a fun new project,” Whyte said on Instagram. “No, this one is not another Crash game (or is it?? Haha! 😉.) I always enjoy sharing mics with @lexlang … I know we’re supposed to be professionals, but at what point do I ask him for an autograph?

Given his hint that this isn’t for a Crash Bandicoot game, there are only a few possibilities – while it could be for a commercial for Crash Bandicoot 4, it would be odd timing given that game has already released and it’s likely that marketing materials have already been wrapped up for that project. The other strong possibility is that it’s for Crash Bandicoot’s inclusion in Smash Ultimate. Almost all of the characters in Smash Ultimate have had their voice actors reprise their roles with few exceptions. Villains and other characters from a franchise also have a tendency to show up in reveal trailers and on stages for these characters, which would explain the presence of Neo Cortex. 

There is another possibility, and it’s an interesting one if you’re a fan of these types of games – Sony could be heading back to produce another Sony All-Stars Battle Royale. This has been rumored before, but should be considered less likely than Crash’s inclusion in Smash, given that he has been one of the most requested characters for Smash Bros, especially from Western audiences.

Why Would Crash Be a Good Fit for Smash Bros?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has become something of a celebration of gaming as a whole, rather than just fighting games. One only has to look at how many gaming mascots have shown up in the game as fighters for reference to that statement. Given that Crash was Sony’s answer to Mario and Sonic back in the mid to late 90s on the original PlayStation, they would probably be keen to have his rivalry reprised in fighting game form. 

If Crash were to be included, it would be about the only game where you can have representatives from just about every major game developer go toe to toe, and it’s probably about the only time it’ll ever happen.

Sakurai has gone on record saying that it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to pull off another Smash title with this many characters due to the licensing involved. They were able to pull this off largely because Ultimate used so many previously approved assets from the many companies that contributed to Smash for Wii U and 3DS. 

What Would Crash Bandicoot Have as Moves?

Some have asked if Crash Bandicoot were to be included in Smash Bros, what would his moveset be? After all, his games aren’t exactly known for a varied moveset, with Crash mostly being able to spin, jump, and run. 

For this, he would likely turn to his variety of power-ups and items that appear in the games, such as the Tiki Mask, the TNT box, and other items. His normals would likely be variations on his spin move, but it’s likely that at least some of his commands would be invented specifically for Smash. 

After all, Sonic isn’t exactly known for his fisticuffs, but these were added in for Smash as well, so why not here? Either way, it would be surreal to see Banjo Kazooie, Mario, Crash, Donkey Kong, and other platformer heroes square off. 


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