CR4ZY Scores New Sponsorship Deal Worth 37€ and a Sixpack

by in CS:GO | Aug, 29th 2019

Nope, this isn’t fake news! CR4ZY, the up-and-coming CS:GO team doing wonders on the current StarLadder Major, just signed one of the craziest sponsorship deals in the history of esports. Believe it or not, this new CR4ZY sponsorship deal is worth 37€ and a couple of beers for both parties for post-agreement celebrations. One thing’s for sure – at least they’re staying true to their name, CR4ZY!

CR4ZY Sponsorship Deal Worth 37€

CR4ZY Logo

This CR4ZY sponsorship deal was meant to transform a problem into an opportunity. Or at least that’s how Antonio Meic, CR4ZY’s CEO, though of it. Despite the fact this sponsorship deal worth 37€ could get him in trouble with investors, he decided to go out on a limb and deploy one of the craziest PR stunts in esports. And all that just ahead of their most important match ever, opening Legends Stage fixture against Team Liquid.

How ­come this CR4ZY sponsorship deal is worth just 37€? Are they that crazy to begin with?

Well, they are… but not in a bad way.

You see, sponsorship deals are not all about money. The only reason why CR4ZY had to find a sponsor was to cross that task from their to-do list. And what better way to do it than with a proper PR stunt that’ll echo throughout the industry.

So yeah, looking back at this CR4ZY sponsorship deal with Aquarium Lounge, it’s safe to say both parties will greatly profit off it. Aquarium Lounge seems to be a casual work/gaming internet café with food, snacks, and whatnot. It’s located in Berlin and, judging by the video on CR4ZY’s YT channel, it seems as though they fell in love with the owner at the very first sight.

Despite just 37€ noted down in the contract, this deal will go down in esports history books as the perfect example on how to build hype and channel more public exposure to growing esports organizations.

Jake also said a few words about this deal in one of his newest videos. Feel free to check it out here.


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