Cowsep is Banned on Twitch for DMCA and is No Longer Partnered

by in Entertainment | Nov, 13th 2020

Joseph “Cowsep” Hursey is one of the big names in League of Legends streaming, thanks to his time spent as a Master Yi One-Trick. However, according to StreamerBans and later confirmed by Cowsep himself, he’s been banned on Twitch for DMCA issues. This is despite him claiming he deleted all clips and VODs for his channel. The way those bans work is mysterious, and there’s no telling when you’ll start getting strikes, it seems. 

Twitch has made a response about all the DMCA stuff, but it’s not what we were hoping to read.

“I was in Alpha” – Cowsep, 2020

Even more interesting is that this is Cowsep’s only ban, but he was still unpartnered as a result. The “unpartnered” part is also revealed courtesy of StreamerBans on Twitter. One ban shouldn’t unpartner someone, but it’s likely due to Cowsep’s multistreaming. Recently, the League streamer began multistreaming to Facebook and Twitch. This might be why he was unpartnered.

Depending on a Twitch Partner’s contract, they may have negotiated the ability to restream to more than one outlet at the same time. Cowsep has confirmed that he was banned on Twitch due to DMCA though, and seems genuinely confused by it. Sounds like he’s going to be better off staying on Facebook. It doesn’t sound like Facebook Gaming is having the same DMCA issues. 

As TheVerge reported earlier, Facebook Gaming allows its partnered streamers to play copyrighted music. If Cowsep does decide to leave Twitch due to being banned, he would likely bring a huge audience with him. After all, Cowsep is one of the real revolutionary Master Yi One-Tricks, using wild combinations, and is the reason a variety of Yi meta builds exist in the first place. 

We’re wondering what’s next for the League of Legends streamer because this DMCA stuff has really got a lot of streamers on edge. If he could land a partnership on Facebook Gaming, it would solve that problem with a quickness. We have no idea what Facebook landed to avoid the music industry’s wrath, but Twitch sure didn’t do it. As of this writing though, Cowsep is still banned on Twitch. You absolutely hate to see it.


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