CouRageJD Rages Over Brute Mech In Fortnite Twitch Rivals Showdown

by in Fortnite | Aug, 22nd 2019

The Fortnite Twitch Rivals Showdown competition is happening this week as 160 of the best and most popular streamers come together to see who will get a share of the $400,000 prize pool. Players are competing in various duos and squads competitions that began yesterday and continues today.

CouRageJD Rages Over Brute Mech

Popular and talented streamer Jack “CouRageJD ” Dunlop is one of the many famous streamers is in the tournament this week but not all went well for him in this competition thus far. For the event, CouRageJD was taking part in the duos side of the Fortnite Twitch Rivals Showdown.

His partner for the event was Tim “TimTheTatman” Bear, another well-known streamer in the community and a solid player as well. The two were in the middle of a match in the game with a fair number of players still left but they were doing fine.

Well, that was until they ran into a Brute mech, which the pair had been avoiding for most of the match thus far due to the issues with the vehicle. Both CouRageJD and TimTheTatman were attacked by the mech with CouRageJD getting eliminated by it in the process.

This immediately lit a flame in the normally calm and collected streamer causing him to go on a rant live on Twitch during the event. He also tweeted soon after about how he “can’t comprehend” how the mechs are in the game and that they are still there after the community hating them and asking Epic to remove them.

CouRageJD went on a rant, saying “f*ck the mechs” and saying that it doesn’t make sense for Epic Games to put them in the game. He noted that he has talked with so many people at the developer and they have told them things in the past that got him so excited but then this happens in season 10.

The streamer went on to note that he hasn’t met anyone that likes the Brute mechs and that it is making his blood boil dealing with them. From there, CouRageJD quit the game and competition entirely, apologizing to his teammate TimTheTatman at the same time.

Shortly thereafter, the streamer could be found on his channel playing Minecraft instead for his viewers. That game has been a major staple for him since this controversial season of battle royale began and looks to not be stopping anytime soon.

This heated reaction and literal rage quit from CouRageJD was quite surprising for viewers and the community alike. The streamer is known on Twitch as one of the kindest and happiest personalities around. His streams are full of joy and heartwarming with plenty of awesome moments like him simply being grateful to his mom for cleaning his set up.

In fact, we love the streamer here so much that we included him in our top 10 list of the streamers for Fortnite battle royale that you should be watching. So, for this reaction to happen for the streamer in the middle of a live competition no less shows how much he is affected by this.

Why Everyone Wants the Brute Mech Gone

He is far from the first streamer, too, to be frustrated immensely by the inclusion of the Brute this season. Other notable streamers including Tyler “Ninja” Blevins himself have publicly noted their disdain for the vehicle. The community has been on fire lately with requests for Epic to remove the vehicle entirely.

The reasons behind the desire for the removal of the Brute mech comes from a few factors. For one, the mech is far too powerful and can easily kill any player, shields or no shields, building or no building. In addition, there are several found on each map so it’s easy to run into them.

In fact, the community is so against the vehicle that we have entered several matches lately where the mechs will just sit there with everyone (friend or foe) agreeing not to use them at all. There have even been reports of the mech having a glitch that puts the player’s health to zero but doesn’t kill them.

This allows the player to run around with no health until everyone dies and they automatically win the game. Epic Games has taken the steps recently to address these concerns by implementing targeting lasers, better effects, and more but has refused to remove the mech at all.

In fact, Epic Games recently released a statement noting that the Brute is here to stay in the season, but the developer did acknowledge everyone’s dislike of the vehicle. The Junk Rift item was released recently and does work as a solid counter to the mech, but fans still want to see it gone for good.


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