Could Clix Be Permanently Banned From Twitch?

by in General | Feb, 15th 2021

Is this the end of Clix’s time on Twitch? It very well could be, after his third ban from the platform. Cody “Clix” Conrod has been banned yet again, this time just a few hours after dominating people in the 2021 Fortnite Champion Series. While it’s not 100% confirmed as to why the ban was set out, it is shown to be an “indefinite suspension.” That means he can appeal, and that’s the only way he’s coming back. A few months into an exclusive deal with Twitch, we have to ask: Is Clix permanently banned from Twitch? It does seem that way, but we can only guess as of right now.

What Do We Know?

Clix is huge in Fortnite, that’s for sure. He quickly pulls tens of thousands of viewers to watch his plays, and last year he signed a deal to stream exclusively on Twitch. Now, only a couple of months in, something goes awry, and he’s banned again. His last ban was in November, during the DMCA banathon. The confirmation of his ban came from StreamerBans and was further put out by Clix himself. So, is Clix permanently banned from Twitch? As of right now, it does seem that way. It’s not important, but StreamerBans did tag the wrong Twitter account in their post.

What did he do? The comment section of Clix’s post states he showed an explicit compromising photo of a teammate briefly on his live stream. As this player is supposedly underage, that leads to a very sticky situation. The clip shown on the stream was incredibly brief, and the image was a tiny one, but that does not matter to Twitch’s ToS. The fact that it happened at all is reason enough. 

This came about only a few hours after a massive stream from Clix, during the FNCS: “Amazing stream today peaked at 108k viewers fucking nuts, I got the vod back & downloaded! Video will be up on how we won tomorrow afternoon. Love you guys, played insane today. Appreciate any new followers / subs today.”

We won’t be sharing the clip due to the sensitive nature of the actual image and the age of those involved. A few hours later, the world is asking if Clix will be permanently banned from Twitch. Though it sounds like NRG is “on it,” according to Twitter, we imagine that means an appeal will be put out. Twitch has yet to make any statement on the ban, whether that be the reason or if they will terminate his contract with the streaming titan. 

As this is his third ban, and only a few months after his last, the appeal could take a very long time. There’s no telling if it will be expedited at all. Now, Twitch does seem to have pretty high double standards when it comes to bans. But if this is the reason, the accidentally shared photo, it does make sense that his ban is indefinite and could mean Clix is permanently banned from Twitch. People say it is from a DMCA ban, but only time will tell what the actual reason is. 

Unfortunately, it happened at all, especially after such a significant stream and performance, but that’s where we are right now. According to CommanderRoot, Clix is still a partner with Twitch, so perhaps it is a DMCA ban, and he will be back soon enough. We are just going to have to see what comes of this event. 


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