Cooldown Ventures Launches CineLeague in Pakistan

by in General | Nov, 13th 2019

Vexed Gaming’s parent company Cooldown Ventures made a huge move in India yesterday with the launch of CineLeague. This upcoming tournament has a goal of building local communities while also offering live entertainment worldwide.

There isn’t a lot of information just yet on what’s going to be offered with CineLeague, in terms of esports leagues. But, this could be the start of a major movement of normalizing esports for a wider audience.

First on Board

The first to get on board with CineLeague is the Pakistani cinema firm Cinepax. Cinemas in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Hyderabad and Islamabad will be showing content to keep an eye on. Cooldown Ventures has also been consulting with Cinepax to curate content for the cinema’s pre-show esports events.

We are very curious to see if other countries to get on board with this exciting esports venture. In America, a few chains have already shown esports events. In 2018, SMITE aired in select AMC Theaters as an excellent example.

Cooldown Ventures is also in talks with 10 other international cinema chains as the rollout for CineLeague. One of their main goals is to provide a major outlet for local esports talent and to make esports more accessible to view. We could see nation-to-nation esports tournaments showing up, thanks to CineLeague.

Let’s Go Esports!

One of the greatest parts of esports is the community. Finding new friends and people to play with are all a part of the experience. Being able to do this in person might be the best part.

As someone who has attended major esports events in person, the feeling of thousands of people cheering and shouting just can’t be beaten. The view of the action isn’t always the best.

Theater technology has improved over the years, though, and those massive HD screens would give everyone an outlet to watch together, instead of just going into Twitch chat. The other important facet is to get new audiences trying out esports.

Esports is growing faster than ever before, and more eyes on the matches mean that growth can continue. Watching from the comfort of my home is all well and good, but if I could watch the League of Legends finals or a major Street Fighter tournament in a cinema of raving fans? I’m 100% on board with that kind of action.

Mariam El Bacha, CEO of Cinepax added, courtesy of Esports Insider:

“Esports is huge in Pakistan and it’s great to be able to nurture and build local talent and deliver locally created content. Cooldown Ventures are unique in understanding both esports and the specific dynamic that is the cinema industry, and have helped deliver a programme that will offer engaging, community-driven content that leverages the power of esports and the excitement of big screen entertainment.”


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