Controversy as LA Valiant Drop Roster for Chinese Squad

by in Overwatch | Mar, 18th 2021

Controversy follows the LA Valiant, as they announce their new Chinese roster. The confusing part is that, at the end of 2020, Valiant secured a new roster, ready for the 2021 OWL season. In January 2021, that whole team was dropped. Now, a full new roster has been picked up, with seven Chinese players, ready to get back into the Overwatch League and try to conquer. It’s a pretty serious group of powerhouses, and we’re glad to see them getting a chance to shine. It’s just fascinating how quickly they dropped a whole roster to get a new one instead. The reveal came courtesy of LA Valiant’s Weibo account, but was also linked on the team’s Liquipedia.

Who Represents LA Valiant?

Back in January, when the Valiant team announced they’ll be competing from China with a new roster, there was a pretty serious backlash. The reason stated was that it was due to COVID-related VISA issues. But the people the LA Valiant initially signed had nearly zero time to find a new team to be signed by, thanks to the absolute last minute decision by the team owners.

In particular, Rod “Slasher” Breslau talked about how the Immortals Gaming Club (Valiant’s former owners) made this shameful move:

  • Cai “Krystal” Shillong (DPS)
  • Liao (MoLanran” Yang (DPS)
  • Han “Silver3” Haibo (Tank)
  • Wen “NvM” Yelin (Tank)
  • Cheng “ShowCheng” Yu (Tank)
  • Zhang “Highbee” Zening (Support)
  • Qi “Wya” Haomiao (Support)

The actual experience of the team is varied. A few of the teams were Ultra Prime Academy players (Krystal, Wya), whereas MoLanran, Highbee, and Silver3 were both The One Winner players. NvM retired back in 2018 and is now back to play again. Finally, ShowCheng came from Flag Gaming. This team will have to work hard and come together, as they play the Chengdu Hunters on April 17th, when the 2021 season begins.


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