Controversial FMJ Attachment Will Not Return in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 15th 2020

The more we learn about Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, the more appealing it sounds, especially to the veteran, competitive, and pro players out there. This latest bit of news will especially be great for players who are frustrated with the controversial FMJ attachment for weapons.

FMJ Will Not Return in Black Ops Cold War

The Full Metal Jacket, or FMJ as it is more commonly known, is a feature that has been a major part of the Call of Duty franchise for numerous games. Sometimes a simple perk that you could equip for your loadout and other times an actual attachment, this feature has been despised by many players.

Fortunately for those of you who don’t like the FMJ, we are happy to announce that the Full Metal Jacket will not be returning to the series in the upcoming release of Black Ops Cold War. Instead, bullet penetration — its main function — will be a more standardized experience online.

This news comes directly from a Treyarch employee who posted about the controversial attachment item on Twitter recently. Tony Flame, game designer for Treyarch and the upcoming Black Ops title, has been posting about various aspects of the game.

On Twitter this week, Flame noted that the past titles in the series as a whole. The Black Ops sub-series, in particular, had the FMJ as an attachment and feature. This changed bullet penetration, but the developer has found that the Full Metal Jacket is inconsistent at best.

What the Full Metal Jacket Does

It is even unreadable on the receiving end of the attachment. Because of that, it will not return in the next Call of Duty title. Players will no longer have to deal with this controversial feature that has made the online balance a little bit more complicated than it should be.

Though Flame notes that this is regarding the attachment, we do take this to mean that it will likely not appear as a perk either in the upcoming Black Ops Cold War title. Depending on the game, it has been either an attachment for weapons or a perk for your general loadout.

Either way, it has had the same general function of boosting your overall bullet penetration. In past titles, it has improved the penetration for every single weapon that you can equip it to, which usually is just about every weapon in the entire game.

Bullet penetration means that the bullets you shoot from whatever weapon had this attachment equipped could go through walls and damage enemies more easily. This would allow you to shoot enemy players through walls more easily when you know that they are there.

History of the FMJ in Call of Duty

This is a generally not super useful feature as most players won’t find themselves in the position where this is great for them as you have to know where the player is. Still, it was an excellent asset for snipers, precisely due to those weapons’ long-range nature.

That said, the attachment has been much more complicated than it should be, as there are problems with the damage readings in most games. For instance, it will say that the damage increased in cases where that isn’t the case, but the stats will show that for the player anyway.

It is a strange attachment/perk and has been disliked by many in the community, despite its prevalence in most modern Call of Duty games except Advanced Warfare and Ghosts. It all began back in Modern Warfare 2 as a replacement for the Deep Impact perk in the original Modern Warfare.

From there, it infiltrated Black Ops 2 and went on to be a significant addition to most games, including Black Ops 3 and 4. The most recent Call of Duty mainline game Modern Warfare even has it as part of its arsenal but as a perk that you can add to your loadout.

Black Ops Cold War Will Break a Long-Running Trend

This is the same for Call of Duty Mobile, which has the Full Metal Jacket as an attachment instead. So, as of right now, all of the major Call of Duty experiences that you would play in 2020 will have the FMJ involved in them.

Fortunately, it seems that Black Ops Cold War will break this trend and not have the Full Metal Jacket as part of its experience. This does bring up the question, though, of how exactly bullet penetration will work in a game that doesn’t have a perk or attachment that improves it.

Well, the answer is a more positive one that has to do with making the bullet penetration aspect much more balanced than in other games. It will be consistent per weapon in the upcoming Call of Duty title. The weapon’s specific class will solely determine the penetration stat.

Every single light machine gun you use in Black Ops Cold War will have the same bullet penetration. However, an LMG and an assault rifle will have different penetration stats. For instance, every LMG will have more penetration than every assault rifle.

On the other hand, the assault rifles will have more penetration than any of the SMGs in the game. Presumably, the sniper rifles will have one of the higher stats, but Flame didn’t go into specifics about every single weapon category in the game. This has proven to be a popular change in the community as the comments are almost grateful for the FMJ removal.


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