Complexity Unveils New CSGO Roster

by in CS:GO | Nov, 7th 2019

After days of teasing, North American org Complexity has finally unveiled its new CSGO roster, with all but one player, Obo, from the original line-up leaving.

The new roster will feature Obo, Rush, BlameF, K0nfig, and Poizon, with BlameF taking on the role of IGL for the team.

The new changes now mean ⅗ of the starting line-up is European in origin and will be forced to qualify for the upcoming Major through the European Minor. Rumor has it that the team may still be able to be eligible through the American Minor via a change in the rules by TOs.

This would be like what several Brazilian teams have gotten to do in the past, deciding between participating in the American Minor or the Brazilian one, though no official ruling has been made on the matter.

Analysis: Big Moves by Lake

Jason Lake wasn’t kidding when he said he was looking to “build a juggernaut.”

This new Complexity CSGO roster has some phenomenal talent on board with the likes of Rush and K0nfig set to carry this team easily into the top 10 and some players like Poizon who’ve shown great promise playing for weaker squads like Windigo.

The question and concern right now, though, is whether the big names are going to be able to return to form in time for the team to qualify for the Major.

Rush and K0nfig both faced a lot of struggles and disappointment in their last outings with Cloud9 and OpTic Gaming respectively, while BlameF and Poizon have mostly played in B and A-Tier tournaments with middling results.

If this team can find its form and coordination, they’ll be a monster to fear for sure, and could easily crack the top 10 in the world.

It’s just a matter of whether that will work out or the team goes the same way as Cloud9 has since the Boston Major.

Jason Lake confirmed the team wouldn’t be attending ESL Pro League this year due to two of their new players being ineligible, so we likely won’t see them in action until 2020, which should give them plenty of time to figure out their strats and gameplan.

It’s going to be an enormous amount of pressure on them, however, when they do end up playing on stage, and we see whether they float or sink.

No matter the result, though, Complexity is going to be a team to watch out for in the coming year.


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