Complexity Recruits Excellent Female Valorant Team

by in Valorant | Sep, 10th 2021

It’s been a big news week for Complexity, and it’s capped off with a new female Valorant team, GX3. GX3 is one of the top women’s Valorant squads, and now they have become “Complexity GX3”, stacked with skilled players across CSGO, Apex Legends, and Fortnite. On top of that, Complexity GX3 as a female Valorant team will champion gender equality in esports, and work to make it a more inclusive space – something we desperately need more of in esports and gaming right now. We can also expect partnerships with charitable organizations and female-forward brands to help empower female gamers, so that’s also exciting.

Alimonstr Leads This Incredible Squad of Complexity GXR:

Complexity is a name we immediately think of when we think of elite, hardworking esports orgs. One of the best in North America, they now have a female Valorant team in the form of Complexity GX3. This is the first all-women roster for Complexity and the second Valorant team. It’s nice to see that Complexity values and understands the skill and talent that lies in the womens’ Valorant ranks. 

Jason Lake, Founder & CEO of Complexity Gaming and Global Head of Esports at GameSquare spoke on it:

GX3 uniquely embodies our organization’s core values, and we’re thrilled to welcome them into the Complexity family. The squad’s competitive credentials coupled with their growing platform for female empowerment have the potential to shake up the gaming world in a major way.

We can look forward to the female Valorant team of Complexity GX3 joining in the VCT Game Changers circuit, but who makes up the team?

  • Alimonstr: A long-time Counter-Strike professional and six-time Esports World Cup Champion, Alimonstr formed GX3 in 2002 and established the team’s presence in VALORANT for her venture into the game.
  • Aniemal: In addition to competing for GX3, Aniemal is currently a VALORANT streamer and content creator for Complexity.
  • Maddiesuun: Previously a part of the first all-female Fornite team, Gen.G’s Team Bumble, maddiesuun has extensive experience competing professionally and mentoring young gamers.
  • akaL4CE: An up-and-coming VALORANT professional, akaL4CE’s raw talent has shown immense competitive potential that’s earned her the position of GX3’s recon. 
  • One additional team member to be announced at a later date.

Alimonstr also spoke about the move to Complexity:

We strive to leave a lasting legacy on the esports world both competitively and culturally. Signing with a reputable and supportive organization like Complexity will not only equip us with tools to enhance our performance but also a platform to kick start important industry conversations about instilling change.” 

Alimonstr and maddiesuun are definitely familiar names in this space, long advocating inclusion in esports. Alimonstr herself has about two decades in esports and is an inspiration to women the world over when it comes to pursuing their dreams. Maddiesuun, on the other hand, was a part of Gen.G’s Team Bumble. She put in a lot of work to help grow the scene for women in gaming as a part of such a large platform. 

Complexity is aiming to help create a better, more welcoming space for women, and we all love to see that. Complexity GX3 also announced they will be taking actionable steps to help eliminate toxicity and partner with charitable organizations in the future. This is also the 10th active roster for Complexity across nine games, which is impressive. They will have access to the performance, health, and wellness tools of their peers at Complexity’s HQ, the GSPC (GameStop Performance Center).  They will also be equipped with Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chairs to compete and train comfortably.

We’re going to see Complexity GX3 in action on September 24th, with the VCT Game Changers Qualifiers. We’re hoping to see amazing things from the squad.


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