Complexity CEO Jason Lake Calls Out Team’s Poor Berlin Major Performance

by in CS:GO | Aug, 26th 2019

Usually, when an esports team struggles in competitions, it’s the fans that come out in force criticizing the team and demanding change. However, Complexity CEO Jason Lake has used a different approach this weekend.

In the case of Complexity, however, it appears even management has had enough of the mediocrity. The team’s CEO Jason Lake took to Twitter this weekend to express his frustration with the team’s disappointing form in Berlin.

Speaking after the team’s knockout from the event, Lake offered top talent the opportunity to come join the team in the post-Major shakeup.

The statement comes following the team’s 0-2 loss to Grayhound Gaming, giving them an early boot from the Berlin Major, after going 1-3 in The New Challenger Stage of the tournament, and 71-86 in rounds.

Big Bank Offerings

While it comes as little surprise that the org wants to put together a winning lineup following their recent struggles, the offer made by the Complexity CEO is rather shocking.

Promising to pay any buyout and give the player’s the “world’s highest salaries”, it’s clear that Complexity is looking to use the money from their purchase by Jerry Jones two years ago to finally buy their way to the top, much in the same regard as Team Liquid has been doing for most of the past two years.

Whether they’ll succeed or not is still up for debate. Coldzera has been looking to leave MIBR following the Major and has a rather large buyout clause. He commented on the post with a gif of Disney’s Goofy observing with giant binoculars, leading rampant speculation he may try out for the squad.

We’ll continue to keep you updated as we learn more about possible roster moves and the fate of the current players in the coming weeks.


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