Collegiate StarLeague Announces CSL Esports Business

by in Collegiate Esports | Aug, 27th 2020

The Collegiate StarLeague (CSL) has revealed a new business: CSL Esports. CSL Esports aim to provide service and support for colleges and universities, leveraging CSL’s esports expertise at all 65 of the Power 5 conference schools. Not all schools can support an esports system on their own, so help in this field could be a boon to these universities.

What Can School Systems in CSL Esports Expect?

This offering will include online and live tournament creation and support services and online league operations. Need help with administrative support, or aid with content creation/distribution? They’ve got you covered. CSL Esports will also assist with on-campus events, both live and online, intramural leagues, and serve in an advisory role for programs, team formation, etc.

That is a brilliant list of services to offer the college systems delving deep into esports. CSL Esports has already begun over 50 student activation events on various campuses as a part of their pre-launch activity. These aren’t small-time schools, either. LSU, Michigan, Penn State, Texas, UCLA, USC, UNLV, Colorado, and Washington are all taking part in this pre-launch content.

Also, CSL Esports launched a $1 Million Roadmap to support schools in recurring esports revenue. This will help in navigating the various elements of developing and supporting a powerful esports program without overextending.

“We are excited to formally launch CSL Esports at a time when colleges and universities can most use support from their partners,” said Wim Stocks, CSL’s CEO. “With esports gaining mainstream attention and traction in conjunction with the current pandemic and the unfortunate cancellation of college sporting events, we felt this was the best time to create a space for the schools and players. Our $1 Million Roadmap program creates a long-term platform and business which can drive new revenue streams for our schools and ultimately enrich the experience of all students, both spectators and participants.”

Stocks added, “Furthermore, our experience supporting esports development and monetization for all four major professional leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL), puts us in a unique position to drive this new wave of collegiate esports.”

One of the major downsides right now is how uncertain our school systems’ esports scenes look for 2020/2021, thanks to COVID-19. CSL Esports will help create esports engagement and monetization for colleges, such as tournaments, leagues, and school fan/team events. You can expect watch parties and other content creation to help these schools out.

We love this idea. The technology that CSL offers takes a lot of the schools’ burden in question to help create and support their esports scenes. With this in mind, virtually any college can leverage this power, and integrate esports to engage their student body, alumni, and brands. Since so many sports and events have stalled thanks to COVID-19, this sudden burst of esports could help schools stay engaged.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a sports powerhouse to participate in this system. The example CSL gives is Lone Star College. Approximately 100,000 students across seven campuses in Houston have signed on with CSL Esports to launch a large scale program for on-campus and online leagues, kicking off later this fall. Charles O’Donnell, seasoned sports and software-as-a-service veteran, will lead this effort to help bring esports to more schools than ever.


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