How Well Will Coldzera Fit in with FaZe Clan’s Roster?

by in CS:GO | Sep, 30th 2019

It’s official – FaZe signed Coldzera and now possess a whole lot more firepower. NEO and GuardiaN are out of the picture, and that’s something we knew for quite a while, and now we finally have official information on both new arrivals – FaZe and Broky. However, there’s a ton of speculations on how Coldzera will perform in the first few events, and that’s what this news post is going to cover!

ESL One New York 2019 | First Test for New FaZe Clan Roster

ESL One New York was one heck of an event. It exceeded my expectations with excellent group stage matches (with several notable surprises). The hectic playoffs, especially the Astralis vs. Team Liquid match, had everyone at the edge of their seats until the very end.

However, as far as Coldzera and the rest of FaZe players are concerned, their New York expedition was cut short. There were massive expectations from the fans and the organization itself but FaZe Clan’s performance left everyone disappointed. And such huge expectations aren’t surprising.

FaZe Clan delivered two atrocious displays against Evil Geniuses (ex NRG) and OpTiC Gaming. They got eliminated with 0-2 as the end-score without even playing against Astralis.

On the bright side, Coldzera was pretty solid against G2. However, NiKo at the IGL role (we’ll discuss that later) didn’t seem like the most excellent move. The Bosnian legend only got 17 kills across both maps. Coldzera, on the other hand, finished the encounter with 29 to his tally, with Broky surprising everyone with 38 kills to his name.

FaZe Coldzera | Brazilian Badass

Marcelo “Coldzera” David is a 24-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player, often considered as one of the best players ever to set foot on the competitive stage. His superb performances with Luminosity and SK Gaming, later on, established him as the best fragger in the world.

In the backstage, Coldzera’s wacky personality resulted in him deleting his Twitter account in 2016 after lashing out on one of his teammates. Furthermore, he also received community backlash over the whole MIBR benching ordeal, because of constant flirting with FaZe NiKo which in the end resulted in his transfer to FaZe Clan.

Back to the stats, we’re talking about the best CS:GO player according to for two years in a row. 2016 and 2017 were the 24-year-old Brazilians best years, winning everything there was to be won with Luminosity and SK Gaming.

Marcelo has a ton of additional individual awards to his name. These include MVP at ESL Pro League S3 and S6 Finals, IEM Sydney 2017, DH Summer 2017 and many more. Even though 2018 didn’t see him in the best of lights, Coldzera still possesses a massive fragging potential. He should do himself justice in star-packed FaZe Clan roster.

Whether we’re talking about core mechanics, game sense or composure, Coldzera is as good as they come. Even though he’s not at the superb levels from 2016 and 2017, once he’s done syncing up with NiKo and others from FaZe Clan, he could become a proper powerhouse we’ve grown accustomed to back in the golden days of CS:GO.

NiKo as the IGL | Could Be Problematic

NiKo officially took the IGL role for himself shortly after FaZe Clan got rid of karrigan near the end of 2018. Rumor has it the 22-year-old Bosnian rifler started IGLing before karrigan’s departure. However, that doesn’t make IGLing seriously affects his fragging ability any less true.

Don’t get me wrong, NiKo is a smart player. Not only is he superb mechanically but he’s also a brilliant player capable of anticipating plays. He possesses an impeccable game sense which is a massive part of his fragging skillset. However, he’s not good enough to tackle both IGLing and fragging. It’s one or the other, as simple as that.

Yes, he might have a few great matches (fragging-wise) while IGLing, but you can’t expect him to do that on a consistent note. It’s too stressful, too demanding, and it will only hurt NiKo in the long run.

That said, I don’t understand why FaZe Clan opted to make NiKo their go-to IGL and signing two potent riflers, Broky and Coldzera. One of the two, plus a promising IGL (preferably from NA given as there’s a bunch of IGLing talent in the region) would be the perfect combination in my books.

So yeah, I don’t believe we’ll see much from this FaZe Clan roster unless NiKo entirely dedicates to the IGL role. It’s going to be difficult, that’s for sure.


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